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  • Classic Caitlyn Skingallerybutton
  • Resistance Caitlyn Skingallerybutton
    RP 520 / 04-Jan-2011
  • Sheriff Caitlyn Skingallerybutton
    RP 520 / 04-Jan-2011
  • Safari Caitlyn Skingallerybutton
    (Legacy Skin, No Longer Available) 975RP / 10-May-2011
  • Arctic Warfare Caitlyn Skingallerybutton
    RP 750 / 29-Dec-2011
  • Officer Caitlyn Skingallerybutton
    975RP / 05-Oct-2011
  • Headhunter Caitlyn Skingallerybutton
    975RP / 04-Sep-2014
  • Lunar Wraith Caitlyn Skingallerybutton
    (Legacy Skin, No Longer Available) 1350RP / 27-Jan-2016

  • Classic Skin
  • Resistance Caitlyn
  • Sheriff Caitlyn
  • Safari Caitlyn
  • Arctic Warfare Caitlyn


  • Caitlyn was designed by Ezreal.
  • IronStylus has stated when Caitlyn gets a visual update, she will probably have a traditional skin. He hints her look may end up being consistent with Vi, Jayce and Jinx and shows this artwork as a good example of how they might portray her afterwards. The whole article can be found here & here.
  • Both the icon for Yordle Snap Trap.png Yordle Snap Trap and the actual placed traps appear to be bear traps baited with a cupcake.
    • Likely as a reference to this, Vi Vi uses "Cupcake" as a nickname for Caitlyn in some of her special quotes.
  • Caitlyn's crime-fighting partner is Vi Vi. When the two of them are in an game together as allies, they get a cosmetic buff: "On The Case: Piltover's finest" where both get an additional gold for every kill/assist they make together.
  • When playing against an enemy Jinx Jinx:
    • Causes Caitlyn (and Vi Vi as well), to get a debuff "Catch me if you can!".
    • The debuff reads "Jinx is causing chaos again. How obnoxious... Criminals Apprehended:" followed by a counter that represents the number of Jinx kills/assists.
    • +1 bonus gold for every Jinx criminal they apprehend.
  • Caitlyn was the first champion released in 2011.
  • Caitlyn is, along with LissandraSquare.png Lissandra, VarusSquare.png Varus, RumbleSquare.png Rumble, SionSquare.png Sion, ViSquare.png Vi, XerathSquare.png Xerath,and ZiggsSquare.png Ziggs, one of the few champions that can CC themselves.
  • Caitlyn's rifle can be seen in the Mac Version Launch Video for League of Legends.
  • Caitlyn Caitlyn has the longest Base Attack Range out of all Champions; 650.
    • At level 13, Tristana Tristana's range exceeds Caitlyn's thanks to her passive, Draw a Bead.png Draw a Bead. At level 18, Tristana's range will exceed Caitlyn Caitlyn's by 19 units.
    • If Jinx Jinx has maxed her Pow-Pow, the Minigun.png Switcheroo!, using her rocket launcher will allow Jinx to outrange Caitlyn by 50 units as early as level 9.
  • Caitlyn's dance and taunts resemble several rifle moves in modern color guard bugle corps.
  • Caitlyn has a received pronunciation accent. This is the standard accent of Standard English in the United Kingdom.
  • Caitlyn is possibly ambidextrous. In the splash arts for the classic and Headhunter skins, she has her left hand on the rifle trigger, whereas she has her right hand on the trigger in the Resistance, Arctic Warfare and Officer splash arts.
  • CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn's quote "Wanna see a hat trick?" is a double entendre referring to the magic hat-trick which is producing an object out of an seemingly empty top hat (similar to the one Caitlyn wears) and the sports term hat trick - doing a triple-feat in any sport e.g. triple-kill in League of Legends, three touchdowns, three goals, etc.
CaitlynSquare.png Safari Caitlyn [S|L]
CaitlynSquare.png Arctic Warfare Caitlyn [S|L]
  • The skin was a special gift for those who bought the PC Gamer US November 2011 Issue in September 2011. The skin was later made available for everyone to purchase on December 29, 2011.
CaitlynSquare.png Officer Caitlyn [S|L]
CaitlynSquare.png Headhunter Caitlyn [S|L]
CaitlynSquare.png Lunar Wraith Caitlyn [S|L]


  • The Hermit of the Howling Abyss knew Caitlyn's mother.
  • Caitlyn is partners with Vi Vi in the Piltover Sheriff's Department.
    • The two have been chasing after Jinx Jinx, a dangerous criminal who has been causing serious problems in Piltover for apparently no reason.
  • Caitlyn is also close friends with Jayce Jayce and Ezreal Ezreal.


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