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  • Caitlyn was the first champion released in 2011.
  • Caitlyn's rifle can be seen in the trailer for the game's Mac version.
  • Caitlyn has the longest autoattack range in the game (650 units)
    • Tristana Tristana can surpass her range at Level 13 thanks to Draw a Bead.png Draw a Bead.
      • At Level 18 Tristana Tristana's range will be 19 units longer than Caitlyn's.
        • Jinx Jinx using Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher Fishbones with a fully-ranked Pow-Pow, the Minigun.png Switcheroo! will surpass her even further (by 50 units) and even earlier (with Level 9 as the earliest)
  • Caitlyn has a British Received Pronunciation accent.
    • Her dance and taunts resemble several rifle moves in modern Color guard corps.
      • She is probably ambidextrous: in her Classic and Headhunter artwork she pulls the trigger with her left hand, while in Resistance, Arctic Warfare, and Officer, she pulls it with her right one.


  • Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Trap.png Yordle Snap Traps appear to be regular bear traps with a Cupcake for bait.
    • Vi Vi calling her 'Cupcake' might allude to Caitlyn's choice for Yordle bait.
      • When both ladies are in a game together they are granted the cosmetic buff On the Case: Piltover's Finest. This buff gives them extra gold when they score a kill/assist together.
        • If there is a Jinx Jinx on the enemy team they are against, they get the cosmetic debuff Catch me if you can! This debuff displays a counter of 'criminals apprehended' (kills/assists scored against the Loose Cannon)



CaitlynSquare.png Safari Caitlyn [S|L]
CaitlynSquare.png Arctic Warfare Caitlyn [S|L]
  • This skin was a special gift for those who pre-purchased the November 2011 US issue of the PC Gamer magazine in September 2011.
    • It was available to the general public in 29-Dec-2011.
CaitlynSquare.png Officer Caitlyn [S|L]
CaitlynSquare.png Headhunter Caitlyn [S|L]
CaitlynSquare.png Lunar Wraith Caitlyn [S|L]


  • Ezreal Ezreal's uncle Lyte knew Caitlyn's mother.
  • Caitlyn and Vi Vi are partners-in-law-enforcement and are known as 'Piltover's Finest'.
    • They've been chasing after Jinx Jinx, a dangerous criminal who's been wreaking havoc for apparently no reason.
      • Caitlyn is also close friends with Ezreal Ezreal and Jayce Jayce.


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