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Adaptive Defenses
STATIC COOLDOWN: 20 / 15 / 10
Adaptive Defenses

Innate: Camille's next basic attack against enemy champions is periodically enhanced to shield her for 20% maximum health for 1.5 seconds from either exclusively physical damage or magic damage, based on which type would mitigate the most damage from her target.

Ability Details
  • The shield-typing is determined based on the total damage the target has dealt to champions that game (as a percentage) versus Camille's current armor and magic resistance.
    • For example, with little bonus resistances Camille would likely gain the most obvious shield-typing - i.e. physical versus marksmen and magical versus mages. However, with a full-armor build - she may gain a magic damage shield versus a target like Kog&#039;Maw Kog'Maw, as his physical threat is already mitigated by the armor.
  • What shield she will gain is displayed as an icon beneath an enemy's health bar: Orange for Physical or Blue for Magical.

Precision Protocol
RANGE: 50 / 175
COST: 25 Mana
COOLDOWN: 9 / 8.25 / 7.5 / 6.75 / 6
Precision Protocol

Active: Camille's next basic attack deals bonus physical damage and grants her bonus range and movement speed for 1 second. Precision Protocol can then be Precision Protocol 2.png recast within the next 3 seconds at no extra cost.

  • Bonus Physical Damage: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% AD
  • Bonus Movement Speed: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%
Precision Protocol 3

If recast at least 1.5 seconds after the first attack, Precision Protocol's damage is increased by 80% and 40 - 100 (based on level)% of the damage is dealt as true damage.

  • Doubled Mixed Damage: 36 / 45 / 54 / 63 / 72% AD

Both casts of Precision Protocol reset Camille's autoattack timer.

Ability Details
  • Precision Protocol gains additional 50 autoattack range on both casts.

Tactical Sweep
RANGE: 610
COST: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 Mana
COOLDOWN: 15 / 13.5 / 12 / 10.5 / 9
Tactical Sweep

Active: After a brief delay, Camille sweeps her leg to deal physical damage to all enemies in a cone in front of her.

  • Physical Damage: 65 / 95 / 125 / 155 / 185 (+ 60% bonus AD)

Enemies hit by the outer half of the cone take bonus physical damage and are Slow icon slowed by 80% that decays over 2 seconds. Camille is healed for the bonus damage dealt against enemy champions.

  • Outer Cone Bonus Damage: 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8% (+ 3% per 100 bonus AD) of target's maximum health

Non-epic monsters take 50% reduced damage from Tactical Sweep.

Ability Details
  • Camille can move during the delay, but the area of effect and Camille's model are fixed to the initial target direction.
    • Camille's facing-direction during the effect is the direction she is moving, not the direction her model is facing.
  • The cap versus non-champions is per cast, not per non-champion.

Hookshot / Wall Dive
RANGE: 800
COST: 70 Mana
COOLDOWN: 16 / 14.5 / 13 / 11.5 / 10

First Cast - Hookshot: Camille fires a grapple in the target direction. If the grapple collides with terrain, Camille will dash toward and bind to the terrain for X seconds. While bound to the terrain, she gains the ability to cast Wall Dive.

Wall Dive

Second Cast - Wall dive: Camille dashes in the target direction, which has double range if leaping toward a visible enemy champion. Upon hitting an enemy or reaching maximum range, Camille deals physical damage to all nearby enemies.

  • Physical Damage: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ 75% bonus AD)

If Camille hits an enemy with Wall Dive, they are Stun icon stunned for 0.75 seconds, and if the enemy is a champion she gains bonus attack speed for 5 seconds.

  • Bonus Attack Speed: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80%
Ability Details
  • Despite what one might assume from a wall-jumping ability, Wall Dive can be used to go through terrain (including the terrain she is bound to).

The Hextech Ultimatum
RANGE: 475
COST: 100 Mana
COOLDOWN: 140 / 115 / 90
The Hextech Ultimatum

Active: Camille leaps toward the target enemy champion, becoming untargetable during the leap. When she lands, she creates a locked, hexagonal zone around the target for a duration, Silence icon interrupting their channeled abilities and Airborne icon knocking away all other nearby enemies on impact.

  • Zone Duration: 2.5 / 3.25 / 4

The target can move freely inside the zone, but cannot escape it through any means.

While within the zone, Camille's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage.

  • Bonus Magic Damage: 5 / 10 / 15 (+ 4 / 6 / 8% of target's current health)

The Hextech Ultimatum's effects end automatically within 1 second if Camille leaves the area or dies.

Ability Details
  • Parry effects will mitigate only the on-hit magic damage, and does not interact with the perimeter.
  • The perimeter applies Grounded icon knockdown each time the target attempts to leave.
  • Knockaway speed is 1000.
  • The edge of the perimeter is considered to be terrain for dash and charge effects, such as Quickdraw.png Quickdraw and Unstoppable Onslaught.png Unstoppable Onslaught, and will cause the champion to be displaced back into the area.
    • Ground-targeted abilities that cause the champion to walk in range will declare an invalid target.
    • Ground-targeted abilities that go off at maximum range regardless of the target location will go off toward the edge of the arena.
  • An active Assault and Battery.png Assault and Battery on a target outside the perimeter will cause Vi Vi to continue her charge until she is able to reach her target. Interestingly, she can knockback and damage secondary targets multiple times.
  • Tahm Kench Tahm Kench's Devour.png Devour can carry Camille's target outside of the area, but they will be displaced back inside once regurgitated.
  • Chronobreak.png Chronobreak's damage will go off at the hologram's location, but Ekko will materialise inside the area.


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