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  • Camille was the last champion released in 2016, designed to make players 'feel like in-control badasses'.
  • Her production names (Lady Em, The Gray Lady, The Left Hand of Piltover, Diver, Cyborg MI6 Mary Poppins) were used to convey aspects of her personality.
  • Camille is Latin for 'temple servant' in the vocative case (direct address) (the name was used by many young priesthood attendants in ancient Rome). It is a masculine name (as it is second declension).
  • The name Camille could also be a reference to the mythological warrior Camilla who appears in the second half of Vergil's Aeneid on the side of the Rutulians. She is a warrior virgin queen of the Volsci and serves under the goddess Diana. She was said to be so swift on her feet that she could run through a wheat field without breaking the tops of the stalks and run across the ocean without wetting her feet.


  • Camille is an 80-year-old augmented living person whose Hextech heart has allowed her to age much more slowly than usual.
    • Her augmented body as well as her undercover shadow ops have earned her the moniker 'The Gray Lady' (the Viktor Glorious Evolved's patron saint)
  • 'The Weakest Heart' takes place after 'Severed Ties'.


CamilleSquare.png Classic Camille [S|L]
CamilleSquare.png Program Camille [S|L]


  • Clan Ferros having connections all across Piltover and Zaun has made Camille cross paths with their most important residents several times.


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