• Camille was the last champion released in 2016, designed to make players 'feel like in-control badasses'.
  • Her production names (Lady Em, The Gray Lady, The Left Hand of Piltover, Diver, Cyborg MI6 Mary Poppins) were used to convey aspects of her personality.
  • Camille is the French feminine derivative of Latin masculine cognomen Camillus (fem. Camilla), and coincidentally Camillus' vocative form (used for direct address, as Camillus is masculine and falls into the second declension).
    • Camillus/a means 'temple attendant,' and has no Latin root. Earlier forms include Greek Κάδμος-Κάμιλλος-Κᾰσμῖλος-Κᾰδμῖλος, possibly from native Greek καίνυμαι-κέκασμαι-κέκαδμαι "I outshine, surpass" or Semitic q-d-m "east, early, before"[1].
    • The name Camille could also be a reference to the mythological warrior Camilla who appears in the second half of Vergil's Aeneid on the side of the Rutulians. She is a warrior virgin queen of the Volsci and serves under the goddess Diana. She was said to be so swift-footed she could run through a wheat field without breaking the tops of the stalks and run across the ocean without wetting her feet.
    • Her clan's name Ferros possibly combines two unrelated Latin words: ferus "wild, fierce" or ferrum "iron".


  • Camille is an 80-year-old augmented living person whose Hextech heart has allowed her to age much more slowly than usual.
    • Her augmented body as well as her undercover shadow ops have earned her the moniker 'The Gray Lady' (the Viktor Glorious Evolved's patron saint)
  • 'The Weakest Heart' takes place after 'Severed Ties'.
  • It is hinted at that Camille is the one who killed Vi Vi's parents.


CamilleSquare.png Classic Camille [S|L]
CamilleSquare.png Program Camille [S|L]


  • Clan Ferros having connections all across Piltover and Zaun has made Camille cross paths with their most important residents several times.