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Tier Enchantment
Passive UNIQUE - Captain: Allied champions running toward you gain 10% bonus movement speed. Nearby minions gain 20% bonus movement speed.
Item cost 600g
Sell value Cannot sell enchantments.
Item Code 3107

Captain is an Enchantment item in League of Legends.

The Captain enchantment can be applied to any tier-2 boots at the same upgrade cost and for the same effect. Applying an enchantment does not impact on the tier-2 item's base effects.

Possible Upgrades for

Cost Analysis

Gold Value per Allied Champion

Total Gold Value (Full Team): 2376g / 1188g

Gold Efficiency

  • Captain is 0% gold efficient when alone. Its gold efficiency increases by 99% per allied champion moving towards the wielder, becoming gold efficient with two allied champions and reaching 396% gold efficiency with a full team (198% on the Twisted Treeline).

Similar Items


  • The 1% movement speed effect bonus does not show any status icon on affected allied champions.
    • To benefit from the 10% movement speed bonus, allies must:
      • be within roughly 1100 range of the aura holder;
      • be facing him/her. The movement speed stat increase is still visible even if they are not moving.
    • Because of the above conditions, it does not help allies travel across the map faster towards the holder. Rather, it is similar to a passive, conditional, weaker Talisman of Ascension active.
      • It is well used aggressively on a frontline tank/initiator, which will help allies follow up on his movements.
      • It is well used defensively on a backline support, which will help others retreat.
  • The additional movement speed aura will stack for minions and pets.
    • This is the other aura that can be used to improve champion pets, along with  Banner of Command.

Patch history

November 20th:

  • Minion movement speed aura reduced to 20% from 25%.


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