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Cassiopeia Cassiopeia is a terrifying creature - half woman, half snake - whose slightest glance brings death. The youngest daughter of one of Noxus' most influential families, she was once a beautiful and cunning temptress capable of manipulating the hardest heart. Transformed by the venom of an ancient Shuriman tomb guardian, she continues to serve Noxian interests as she always has, just in a more... visceral way.


Descent into the Tomb
Narrated by Nasus Nasus

The tragic fall of Shurima was nothing compared to the tragedy of its rise from the grave.

In a market on the edge of the desert, a stranger appears: Cassiopeia Cassiopeia, a noblewoman from Noxus, looking to hire a guide to take her to the fabled lost city.

But not just any guide. She hires the owner of Boomerang Blade.png a legendary ancient blade: the mercenary called Sivir Sivir.

Sivir gathers her band of sellswords and they set out into the desert to find the buried bones of Shurima. Five days beneath the broiling sun, a scout spots towers jutting from the dunes and a stairway leading underground. They climb down, into the darkness.

Ancient treasures gleam in the torchlight, even Sivir is astonished at the grandeur of the ruins. Her men head deeper in, only to stumble into traps and be eviscerated. Sivir is stunned with horror, but Cassiopeia does not flinch. She sees only the statue of a huge serpent, silently guarding the door to the Tomb of the Emperors, and smiles: the ancient weapon is a key.

Cassiopeia betrays Sivir. She picks up Sivir's blade, puts it into the lock. The guardian's curse is triggered: the stone serpent comes alive, it pins Cassiopeia in its jaws, the venom sears her flesh like acid.

The tomb door opens: Renekton Renekton emerges, the brother I loved and locked away, twisted beyond insanity, followed by Xerath Xerath, the architect of his torment. My failure is complete.

Sivir drags herself away, lifeblood flooding from her wound, and then succumbs to darkness.

Behold Shurima's legacy.

The Sands have Shifted

A thousand years ago, the glorious empire of Shurima shone like a second sun across the desert. Its emperor, Azir Azir, was young but ambitious - and thus easily manipulated.

Azir's magus, Xerath Xerath, whispered in his ear that the ancient rite of Ascension would give the young emperor the power he craved. But Xerath stole Ascension's power for himself, obliterating Azir and reducing the gleaming capital city to ruins in the process.

Nasus Nasus and Renekton Renekton, brothers and legendary Ascended heroes, stopped Xerath - but the cost was high: at Renekton's urging, Nasus entombed his beloved brother with the mad magus, to keep Xerath doubly contained in the buried ruins of Shurima for all eternity. Or so he believed.

For now Cassiopeia two Sivir adventurers seek the legendary Tomb of the Emperors...

Shuriman Crest

Shurima is resurrected, and Runeterra's future is forever altered.

Xerath Xerath and Renekton Renekton have been unleashed from the Tomb of the Emperors.

Nasus Nasus, haunted by his brother's heroic sacrifice, is relentlessly pursued by Renekton in his mad thirst for vengeance.

Bristling with power and resentment, Xerath plots to reforge Valoran in the fires of revolution.

The serpent's curse is the terrible price of Cassiopeia Cassiopeia's ambition, but it also promises a power she never imagined.

Azir Azir, Ascended ruler of a fallen civilization, envisions a new Shuriman empire, while his descendant Sivir Sivir, ever the mercenary, looks to turn the situation to her advantage.

Shurima is a land of mystery... but some mysteries refuse to remain buried.

What lies beneath the sands?


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