Champion Select

  • Cassiopeia Select new
    "There is no antidote for me."
  • Cassiopeia.move09
    "Think what I could offer."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Cassiopeia.start01
    "Who will have the fortune of facing me today?"
  • Cassiopeia.start02
    "So many strings waiting to be pulled."
  • Cassiopeia.start03
    "Another game of snake and mice."


  • Cassiopeia.attack01
    "Come, look me in the eyes."
  • Cassiopeia.attack02
    "Do not turn your back on me."
  • Cassiopeia.attack03
    "Just a taste."
  • Cassiopeia.attack04
    "Such unrefined creatures."
  • Cassiopeia.attack05
    "Die with grace."
  • Cassiopeia.attack06
    "Am I getting under your skin?"
  • Cassiopeia.attack07
    "I can predict your every move."
  • Cassiopeia.attack08
    "Let me in."
  • Cassiopeia.attack09
    "Destroy them from the inside out."
  • Cassiopeia.attack10
    "Poison takes so many forms."
  • Cassiopeia.attack11
    "One touch is all it takes."
  • Cassiopeia.attack12
    "Running only accelerates the venom."
  • Cassiopeia.attack13
    "Soon it will all sink in."
  • Cassiopeia.attack14
    "Don't be coy."
  • Cassiopeia.attack15
    "You won't forget my embrace."
  • Cassiopeia.attack16
    "Good to the last drop."
  • Cassiopeia.attack17
    "My affection runs deep."
  • Cassiopeia.attack18
    "You won't feel a thing."


  • Cassiopeia.move01
    "Careful, now. I bite."
  • Cassiopeia.move02
    "Violence is so messy."
  • Cassiopeia.move03
    "Patience, darling."
  • Cassiopeia.move04
    "I'm not so easy to get out of your system."
  • Cassiopeia.move05
    "Spineless? No. Flexible? Extremely."
  • Cassiopeia.move06
    "Keep your enemies close - and me closer."
  • Cassiopeia.move07
    "Like what you see?"
  • Cassiopeia.move08
    "Power requires precision."
  • Cassiopeia.move09
    "Think what I could offer."
  • Cassiopeia.move10
    "Do not tempt a viper."
  • Cassiopeia.move11
    "Do you have a longing? Would you like one?"
  • Cassiopeia.move12
    "Secrets are sharper than blades."
  • Cassiopeia.move13
    "If you don't control pawns, you are one."
  • Cassiopeia.move14
    "I'll take care of everything."
  • Cassiopeia.move15
    "Watch your step."
  • Cassiopeia.move16
    "Every problem is an opportunity."
  • Cassiopeia.move17
    "I know what everyone wants."
  • Cassiopeia.move18
    "Many wars begin with a whisper."
  • Cassiopeia.move19
    "I like to leave a lasting impression."
  • Cassiopeia.move20
    "Wealth is valuable only as a means to power."


  • Cassiopeia.laugh1
    Cassiopeia laughs.
  • Cassiopeia.laugh2
    Cassiopeia laughs.
  • Cassiopeia.laugh3
    Cassiopeia laughs.
  • Cassiopeia.laugh4
    Cassiopeia laughs.


  • Cassiopeia.joke01
    "If you wanna' be on top, you have to reach for it."
  • Cassiopeia.joke02
    "No legs but I still have a little spring in my step."
  • Cassiopeia.attack22
    "Nothing escapes my coil."


  • Cassiopeia.taunt01
    "Eventually they all come crawling back."
  • Cassiopeia.taunt02
    "It's just not possible to sink to the level of this competition."
  • Cassiopeia.taunt03
    "Sometimes failure just creeps right up on you, doesn't it?"
Taunting an Enemy Azir Azir
  • Cassiopeia.tauntAzir01
    "Azir, I intend to prove a powerful ally."
  • Cassiopeia.tauntAzir02
    "Our interests align, Azir. Let us pursue them together."
  • Cassiopeia.tauntAzir03
    "Our interests align, Azir. Let us pursue them together."
Taunting an Enemy Sivir Sivir
  • Cassiopeia.tauntSivir01
    "Oh, Sivir, all you ever needed was a sharp prodding."
  • Cassiopeia.tauntSivir02
    "Apologies, Sivir, I dispose of tools that have exhausted their use."
  • Cassiopeia.tauntSivir03
    "Sivir! Back to die so soon?"

Upon Buying...

Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter
  • Cassiopeia.attack19
    "I do love getting up close and personal."
Liandry's Torment item.png Liandry's Torment
  • Cassiopeia.attack20
    "We all wear masks. Some better than others."
Zhonya's Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass
  • Cassiopeia.attack21
    "Let's enjoy our company just a little bit longer."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • Cassiopeia.ward01
    "Keep your eyes open."
  • Cassiopeia.ward02
    "Watch and wait."
  • Cassiopeia.ward03
    "Trust what you see."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • Cassiopeia.recall01
    "I may leave, but I'm never gone."
  • Cassiopeia.recall02
    "I'll be back soon. Miss me."
  • Cassiopeia.recall03
    "My attentions are needed elsewhere."


Upon Starting a Game
  • Cassiopeia.ascension05
    "The simple seek to achieve Ascension. The wise prepare to exploit it."
  • Cassiopeia.ascension06
    "A Noxian always rises to the top."
Upon Becoming Ascended
  • Cassiopeia.ascension03
    "Yes! Now who shall have my attention?"
  • Cassiopeia.ascension04
    "It seems I must handle things personally."
When a Nearby Ally Becomes Ascended
  • Cassiopeia.ascension01
    "The power is yours, now! Use it!"
  • Cassiopeia.ascension02
    "Turn their Ascension against them!"
Upon Victory
  • Cassiopeia.ascension07
    "This is Ascension in the hands of a Noxian!"
  • Cassiopeia.ascension08
    "Failure is an elegant poison. Let it seep in."
  • Cassiopeia.ascension09
    "To the clever go the spoils."
  • Cassiopeia.ascension10
    "Our every move led only to this moment!"

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "I just can't wait to face you."
Against Player Katarina Katarina
  • "Show me your skills, Katarina!"
Player Team Victory
  • "I'll keep an eye out for you next time."
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"