Jax OriginalLoading
Jax IP 1350 RP 585
Attributes blank
Attribute top 3
Attributes top right 2
Attributes bottom right 2
Attributes bottom left 2
Grandmaster at Arms
Relentless Assault
Leap Strike
Counter Strike
Grandmaster's Might
Health: 2038  
Health Regen.: 17.7  
Mana: 883  
Mana regen: 19.5  
Range: 125  
Attack Damage: 119  
Attack Speed: 1.126  
Armor: 78  
Magic Res.: 53.4  
Move. Speed: 350  
Level 18
SkirmisherMelee icon Melee
Champion style basic attacks activeChampion style 10Champion style abilities inactive

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