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Pantheon OriginalLoading
Pantheon IP 3150 RP 790
Attributes blank
Attribute top 3
Attributes top right 2
Attributes bottom right 2
Attributes bottom left 2
the Artisan of War
Aegis Protection
Spear Shot
Aegis of Zeonia
Heartseeker Strike
Grand Skyfall
Health: 2058  
Health Regen.: 18.9  
Mana: 844  
Mana regen: 15  
Range: 150  
Attack Damage: 105  
Attack Speed: 1.056  
Armor: 94  
Magic Res.: 53.4  
Move. Speed: 355  
Level 18
Fighter • Slayer • Melee icon Melee
Champion style basic attacks inactiveChampion style 75Champion style abilities active

This category contains subcategories, pages, and files relating to or featuring the champion Pantheon Pantheon, the Artisan of War.


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