This is the history article for the free champion rotation, Pre-Season 8 that began on November 13th, 2017.

November 13th, 2017[1]
1st Week Type
Aurelion SolSquare Aurelion Sol Mage
JayceSquare Jayce Fighter
KindredSquare Kindred Marksman
LuluSquare Lulu Controller
Master YiSquare Master Yi Slayer
Miss FortuneSquare Miss Fortune Marksman
PantheonSquare Pantheon Fighter
RumbleSquare Rumble Fighter
RyzeSquare Ryze Mage
SivirSquare Sivir Marksman
TalonSquare Talon Slayer
Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz Mage
WukongSquare Wukong Fighter
YorickSquare Yorick Fighter
November 20th, 2017[2]
2nd Week Type
AsheSquare Ashe Marksman
BlitzcrankSquare Blitzcrank Tank
GravesSquare Graves Marksman
HecarimSquare Hecarim Fighter
JannaSquare Janna Controller
Jarvan IVSquare Jarvan IV Tank
Lee SinSquare Lee Sin Fighter
LeonaSquare Leona Tank
NunuSquare Nunu Controller
QuinnSquare Quinn Marksman
Rek'SaiSquare Rek'Sai Fighter
SingedSquare Singed Tank
VarusSquare Varus Marksman
VladimirSquare Vladimir Mage