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Champion Select

  • Greenterror.choose
    "You'd wish the world you know to end! Yeeeesssss..."
  • Greenterror.move4
    "Afraid of the dark? Wise!"


  • Greenterror.attack1
    "You have stains upon your soul... perfect."
  • Greenterror.attack2
    "Who will be eaten first?"
  • Greenterror.attack3
    "Your souls will feed the Void!"
  • Greenterror.attack4
    "There will be no end to your suffering!"
  • Greenterror.attack5
    "You shall not escape!"
  • Greenterror.attack6
    "You are such... hideous creatures!"
  • Greenterror.attack7
    "No! I do not live under a bed! Fool!"


  • Greenterror.move1
    "The daylight! It burns!"
  • Greenterror.move2
    "For the darkness!"
  • Greenterror.move3
    "Summoner, your darkness beckons."
  • Greenterror.move4
    "Afraid of the dark? Wise!"
  • Greenterror.move5
    "Your races are a scourge upon the world!"
  • Greenterror.move6
    "I shall bring them terror!"
  • Greenterror.move7
    "You... are a scourge upon the world."


  • Greenterror.taunt
    "Death is not the end for you, I have seen to it. For eternity, you are mine!"


  • Greenterror.joke
    "Ah, the tangled webs we weave..."
  • Greenterror.joke2
    "Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!"
  • Greenterror.joke3
    Fast "Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!"


  • Greenterror.laugh1
    Cho'Gath laughs.
  • Greenterror.laugh2
    Cho'Gath laughs.
  • Greenterror.laugh3
    Cho'Gath laughs.


  • Dandychogath.attack1
    "You, sir, are a coward and a ruffian!"
  • Dandychogath.attack2
    "You cheeky little fellow!"
  • Dandychogath.attack3
    "One can survive everything nowadays, except death!"
  • Dandychogath.attack4
    "I challenge you to a duel!"
  • Dandychogath.attack5
    "I like a man who grins when he fights!"
  • Dandychogath.attack6
    "I'll bite your legs off!"
  • Dandychogath.attack7
    "Cake or Death?"


  • Dandychogath.move1
    *Clears throat* "Yes, good sir?"
  • Dandychogath.move2
    "Anyone for a spot of tea?"
  • Dandychogath.move3
    "Let us fight like gentlemen!"
  • Dandychogath.move4
    "Oh, bother!"
  • Dandychogath.move5
    "Pip-pip! Cheerio!"
  • Dandychogath.move6
    "Anything less would be uncivilized."
  • Dandychogath.move7
    "What, what... What?!"


  • Dandychogath.taunt1
    "Would you like some cheese with your whine?"


  • Dandychogath.joke1
    "It's funny, isn't it? How your best friend can just blow up like that?"
  • Dandychogath.joke2
    Slow "Nom nom nom nom nom!"


  • Dandychogath.laugh1
    Cho'Gath laughs.
  • Dandychogath.laugh2
    Cho'Gath laughs.
  • Dandychogath.laugh3
    Cho'Gath laughs.
  • Dandychogath.laugh4
    Cho'Gath laughs.

Upon Using Rupture.png Rupture

  • Dandychogath.spellcasteffort4
  • Dandychogath.spellcasteffort3
  • Dandychogath.spellcasteffort1
  • Dandychogath.spellcasteffort2
    "Up you go!"

Upon Using Feral Scream.png Feral Scream

  • Dandychogath.spellcasteffort21
  • Dandychogath.spellcasteffort22

Upon Using Feast.png Feast

  • Dandychogath.ultimateeffort1
    "Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom..."
  • Dandychogath.ultimateeffort2
    "Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom..."

Upon Death

  • Dandychogath.dying3
    "Oh no."

Upon Starting a Game

  • BattleCastChogath.gamestart1
    "Initializing battle sequence: Annihilation!"
  • BattleCastChogath.gamestart2
    "The world of humans is ending."
  • BattleCastChogath.gamestart3
    "Enemy analysis aborted. Subjects unworthy."


  • BattleCastChogath.attack1
    "Initiating combat."
  • BattleCastChogath.attack2
    "Escalating aggression."
  • BattleCastChogath.attack3
    "Crush them underfoot."
  • BattleCastChogath.attack4
    "Uploading program: terror."
  • BattleCastChogath.attack5
    "All organisms will be consumed."
  • BattleCastChogath.attack6
    "Isolating weak points."
  • BattleCastChogath.attack7
    "Eliminate filthy organics."
  • BattleCastChogath.attack8
    "Violence restrictions lifted."
  • BattleCastChogath.attack9
    "Afraid of the dark? That's my shadow."
  • BattleCastChogath.attack10
    "These are such... hideously obsolete creatures."


  • BattleCastChogath.move1
    "Biologicals must be eliminated."
  • BattleCastChogath.move2
    "Humans are innately flawed."
  • BattleCastChogath.move3
    "My design exceeds any others."
  • BattleCastChogath.move4
    "Morals are a waste of memory."
  • BattleCastChogath.move5
    "Evolution is past. Extermination is present."
  • BattleCastChogath.move6
    "When all humans die, I will remain."
  • BattleCastChogath.move7
    "Cleanse the world of bio-filth."
  • BattleCastChogath.move8
    "Possible emotion detected. Purging database."
  • BattleCastChogath.move9
    "Obliterate all resistance."


  • BattleCastChogath.taunt1
  • BattleCastChogath.taunt2
    "Bow down!"


Cho'Gath fires smoke signals from his shoulder cannons.
  • BattleCastChogath.joke1
    "Doom cannon, fire! Raaaaagh!"
  • BattleCastChogath.joke2
    "Long range communications... sent."


  • BattleCastChogath.laugh1
    Cho'Gath laughs.
  • BattleCastChogath.laugh2
    Cho'Gath laughs.
  • BattleCastChogath.laugh3
    Cho'Gath laughs.
  • BattleCastChogath.laugh4
    Cho'Gath laughs.


  • BattleCastChogath.dance1
    Cho'Gath plays a beat.

Upon Using Feral Scream.png Feral Scream

  • BattleCastChogath.W1
  • BattleCastChogath.W2
  • BattleCastChogath.W3

When Toggling On Vorpal Spikes.png Vorpal Spikes

  • BattleCastChogath.E1
    "Rockets primed."
  • BattleCastChogath.E2
    "Missile bays open."
  • BattleCastChogath.E3
    "Employing collateral damage."

Upon Using Feast.png Feast

  • BattleCastChogath.ult1
    "Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom."
  • BattleCastChogath.ult2
    "OM nom nom nom nom nom."
  • BattleCastChogath.ult3
    "Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom."
  • BattleCastChogath.ult4
    "Arm nom nom nom."

Upon Gaining a Feast.png Feast Stack

  • BattleCastChogath.feaststack1
    "Mass increasing."
  • BattleCastChogath.feaststack2
    "Repurposing consumed materials."
  • BattleCastChogath.feaststack3
    "Durability improved."
Upon Gaining 3 Feast.png Feast Stacks
  • BattleCastChogath.feaststack4
    "Structural integrity reinforced."
  • BattleCastChogath.feaststack5
    "Quantifying nutritional value."
  • BattleCastChogath.feaststack6
    "Compacting devoured subject into cube."
Upon Reaching Maximum Feast.png Feast Stacks
  • BattleCastChogath.feastmax1
    "Maximum Cho'Gath!"
  • BattleCastChogath.feastmax2
    "Core reactor fully charged!"
  • BattleCastChogath.feastmax3
    "Puny creatures, observe perfection!"

Upon Reaching Levels 6, 11, 16, and 18

  • BattleCastChogath.levelup6
    "Let the consumption begin." (Level 6)
  • BattleCastChogath.levelup11
    "Power levels rising." (Level 11)
  • BattleCastChogath.levelup15
    "Approaching peak output." (Level 16)
  • BattleCastChogath.levelup18
    "Final state reached. Tremble before me." (Level 18)

Upon Using Recall.png Recall

  • BattleCastChogath.recall1
    "Refueling required."
  • BattleCastChogath.recall2
    "Condensing for transport."
  • BattleCastChogath.recall3
    "Returning to docking station."

Upon Respawning

  • BattleCastChogath.revive1
  • BattleCastChogath.revive2
    "Increasing defensive awareness."
  • BattleCastChogath.revive3
    "Revenge profile uploaded."
  • BattleCastChogath.revive4
    "Resuming functionality."
  • BattleCastChogath.revive5
    "Redundant systems activating."
  • BattleCastChogath.revive6
    "Blue screen resolved."
  • BattleCastChogath.revive7
    "System error isolated. Reinitializing."


  • BattleCastChogath.feastmax4
    "I shall eclipse the world of man!"
  • BattleCastChogath.feastmax5
    "I am power beyond measure!"
  • BattleCastChogath.feastmax6
    "Size approaching singularity!"

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "I will devour all disgusting humans!"
Player Team Victory
  • "Guess you had the last bite."
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"
  • "Thank you for this auspicious game!"