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Clarity is a non-targeted Summoner Spell. It is only available on Howling Abyss. This spell instantly restores a portion of mana for yourself and all nearby allied champions.


Clarity is best taken in teams where most, if not all, champions are mana based. Usually this spell is taken by a mana-hungry champion that needs to compensate for low base mana/mana regen (e.g. Malphite Malphite), or focuses on aggressive play by spamming their skills (e.g. Ryze Ryze).

Patch History

V6.3: February 22nd 2016

  • Disabled on Crystal Scar due to the map being removed from the game.



  • Now restores 40% maximum mana to you and nearby allies.
  • Summoner's Insight mastery s3.png Summoner's Insight now increases mana restoration by 25%, up from 20% (total 50% max mana to you and allies).



  • Now removes stealth when used.


  • Cooldown reduced to 180 seconds from 270.
  • Base mana restore increased to 160 from 100.
  • Mana restore per level increased to 30 from 25.


  • Increased bonus mana per level to 25 from 15, increasing total potential mana to 125-550 from 115-370.

V0.9.25.24: Added

  • Restores 100 + 15 x level mana to your Champion and 50% of that to nearby allies.
  • Insight (mastery): Clarity.png Clarity will now grant 100% of mana to allies.

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