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Background Information
Name: Lee Hyun-woo (이현우)
Team: CJ Entus Frost
Country: South Korea
Role: Jungler
Favorite champion(s)
Team history: CJ Entus Frost

Lee "CloudTemplar" Hyun-woo is a retired player who was previously the Jungler for CJ Entus Frost.


When CloudTemplar was young he played Go, a board game known in Korea as Baduk. He was so good at it that he was offered a profession position, but turned it down because of his love for the game Dark Saver that he found at the age of 13. He fell in love with RPGs and started playing Starcraft at the age of 14, this is when he started playing any game he could get and ended up moving to MMORPGs. After a while he realized that MMORPGs were taking up too much of his time that he couldn't play any other games, so he switched to MOBAs starting with Chaos, but soon after he had to serve time in the army. After the army he tried to go back to school but realized he didn't have any academic goals, this is when an army buddy of his introduced him to League of Legends. He started by playing Rammus. CloudTemplar now has a wide champion pool of junglers and a precise jungling style. He gained popularity on NA and KR servers as a master of Rammus and Skarner. His impressive performance as Skarner often forces the enemy team to choose Skarner as one of their bans.

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