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Were you looking for information about cooldown reduction?

Cooldown (or CD) is the minimum time a Champion has to wait in order to use abilities, item actives, or summoner spells again.

The cooldown time can be reduced with items, runes, masteries, Crest of Insight.png Crest of Insight, and abilities to up to 45% total cooldown reduction.

See Cooldown reduction for more detailed information.

Summoner spell cooldown

All summoner spells have long cooldowns. Because of their strength and high cooldowns, strategic and tactical decisions can be made based on whether or not summoner spells are on cooldown. As such, it's important to carefully measure the best-case uses for your summoner spells.

  • Summoner spell cooldowns CANNOT be reduced by regular cooldown reduction from items such as Fiendish Codex item.png Fiendish Codex.

Item cooldowns

Items with active abilities, such as Locket of the Iron Solari item.png Locket of the Iron Solari and Youmuu's Ghostblade item.png Youmuu's Ghostblade, contain cooldowns that can be reduced with Ruby Sightstone item.png Ruby Sightstone. These are unaffected by cooldown reduction.

Items with passive effects with cooldowns, such as Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel or Guinsoo's Rageblade item.png Guinsoo's Rageblade, are not reduced by cooldown reduction.

Items of the same name shares a global cooldown among them. This means using an active ability of an item will send all the same items to cooldown, in both your inventory and shop. For example, if a champion with 3 Youmuu's Ghostblade item.png Youmuu's Ghostblade uses the activate ability of Youmuu's Ghostblade item.png Youmuu's Ghostblade, all three Youmuu's Ghostblade item.png Youmuu's Ghostblade will go to a 45-second cooldown. In addition, buying a new Youmuu's Ghostblade item.png Youmuu's Ghostblade within the 45 second cooldown, the new Youmuu's Ghostblade item.png Youmuu's Ghostblade will also be in cooldown until the remaining cooldown has refreshed.

Different items with similar effects do not share a global cooldown. A champion may have Hextech Gunblade item.png Hextech Gunblade and Bilgewater Cutlass item.png Bilgewater Cutlass in their inventory and may use one of the activate effect without causing both items to go on cooldown.

Champion cooldown

Static cooldowns

Static cooldowns cannot be reduced by cooldown reduction. These include:

Innate Passive Cooldown

Some champion's innate passive have cooldowns. These passive cannot activate while on cooldown. Innate passive cooldown cannot be reduced by cooldown reduction. These include:

Ammo cooldowns

Ammo cooldowns is the ammo's recharge time. Ammo cooldowns can be reduced by cooldown reduction. Abilities that requires ammo can only be used while the champion has ammo and the ability is not on cooldown.

Note: Only the ammo's recharge time of these abilities is shown here, to read more information on each of these abilities, follow the link on each of them.

Delay Cooldown

Delay Cooldown are when the ability will go on cooldown once the champion has finished casting all parts of the spell, or the period of casting the spell has finished. For example, Ahri Ahri's Spirit Rush.png Spirit Rush will go on to cooldown once all three dash has been perform or the time period of which to cast all three dashes have ended. These include:

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