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2016 Season Update

CorkiSquare Corki's still the most magical of the marksmen, but now the Daring Bombardier gets one minute to go Full Corki whenever he heads back to base. [1]

Corki's always been League's magic damage dealing marksman, something we're reinforcing by tweaking his basic attacks to deal half magic and half physical damage. We're reducing the range of his Valkyrie Valkyrie to make him a little less safe, but adding in something totally unique to the mustachioed aviator. Now, once he hits level six, Corki - or Corki's ground staff - will spawn a The Package crate of rockets and bombs back at HQ. Once Corki flies over one of his crates, he gets supercharged, earning a Homeguard item Homeguard boots-esque boost, increased base movement speed, and a Special Delivery supercharged Valkyrie Valkyrie that basically carpet bombs a huge area with napalm... but only for a small window of time. Basically, Corki has a minute to make a huge play once he picks up his Corki The Package care package - whether or not he makes the most of his window will often separate the good Corkis from the great Corkis.

Hextech Munitions
Hextech Munitions

Corki's basic attacks deal bonus damage, half of which is dealt as magic damage.

Load Up: After a set period of time, Corki can return to base to The Package 'Load Up', gaining bonus out-of-combat movement speed and access to a Special Delivery 'Mega Valkyrie'. On use, Special Delivery Mega Valkyrie travels faster and further than a regular Valkyrie Valkyrie, dropping bombs along the way that Airborne icon knock aside enemies and leave incendiary tar in the area. Enemies that touch the tar are Slow icon slowed and take magic damage over time. The Package Bombs reload every few minutes.

Phosphorus Bomb
Phosphorus Bomb

Corki launches a bomb at a target area, dealing damage to and Sight icon revealing all enemies hit.


Corki dashes to a target location, dropping bombs that leave blazing patches on the ground. Enemies who stand in the fire take magic damage over time.

Gatling Gun
Gatling Gun

Corki activates his gatling gun, spraying bullets in a cone in front of him and shredding his opponents' magic resistance and armor every half-second they stand in the way of his fire.

Missile Barrage
Missile Barrage
  • Passive: Corki stores a charge of Missile Barrage, up to a maximum of 7 stored. He respawns with 4 missiles.
  • Active: Corki fires a missile in a line that explodes if it hits an enemy, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. Every third missile Corki fires becomes a Big One Big One, dealing additional damage and doubling its explosion radius.


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