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Upon Selection

  • Corki Select
    "I'm up to snuff, and gots me an ace machine!"


  • Corki.attack1
    "Delta Sierra at 12 o'clock!"
  • Corki.attack2
  • Corki.attack3
    "It's a Charlie Foxtrot!"
  • Corki.attack4
    "I've got a bogey on my tail!"
  • Corki.attack5
    "Bombs away!"
  • Corki.attack6
    "Consider yourself spanked, nugget!"


  • Corki.move1
    "I'm on it, blackshoe!"
  • Corki.move2
    "Speed of heat!"
  • Corki.move3
    "Another fine sortie!"
  • Corki.move4
    "Now, I'm all spooled up!"
  • Corki.move5
    "Ready to fly!"
  • Corki.move6
  • Corki.move7
    "This is Major Tom to ground control!"


  • Corki.taunt
    "That just goes to show you you're nothin' but a Whiskey Delta!"


  • Corki.joke
    "Lima Oscar Lima!"


  • Corki.laugh1
    Corki laughs.
  • Corki.laugh2
    Corki laughs.
  • Corki.laugh3
    Corki laughs.
  • Corki.laugh4
    Corki laughs.


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