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Champion Spotlight
Corki Champion Spotlight06:38

Corki Champion Spotlight

Recommended Items
Summoner's Rift
Starting Doran&#039;s Blade item Health Potion item Warding Totem item
Early Sheen item Phage item Boots of Speed item
Essential Trinity Force item Sorcerer&#039;s Shoes item
Offensive Essence Reaver item The Bloodthirster item Infinity Edge item
Situational Guardian Angel item Banshee&#039;s Veil item Void Staff item
Consumables Health Potion item Refillable Potion item Vision Ward item Elixir of Wrath item Farsight Alteration item
Twisted Treeline
Starting Doran&#039;s Blade item Boots of Speed item Health Potion item2
Early Sheen item Phage item
Essential Trinity Force item Sorcerer&#039;s Shoes item
Offensive Lord Van Damm&#039;s Pillager item Sanguine Blade item Rapid Firecannon item
Situational Banshee&#039;s Veil item Wooglet&#039;s Witchcap item Void Staff item
Consumables Health Potion item Elixir of Wrath item
Howling Abyss
Starting Doran&#039;s Blade item2 Boots of Speed item Health Potion item4
Essential Trinity Force item Sorcerer&#039;s Shoes item
Offensive Liandry&#039;s Torment item Essence Reaver item Infinity Edge item
Defensive The Bloodthirster item Banshee&#039;s Veil item
Consumables Oracle&#039;s Extract item Health Potion item Elixir of Wrath item


Playing As Corki Corki
  • Phosphorus Bomb.png Phosphorous Bomb can be used to reveal enemy units that might be hiding in a nearby patch of brush.
  • Valkyrie.png Valkyrie can be used defensively as well, so try using it for a quick escape.
  • Corki can continue to attack while using Gatling Gun.png Gatling Gun. Maximizing Gatling Gun.png Gatling Gun is key to mastering Corki.
Playing Against Corki Corki
  • Watch out for Corki's Missile Barrage.png Missile Barrage. They deal splash damage, so you can get hit even when hiding behind minions.
  • Corki is vulnerable after he uses his Valkyrie.png Valkyrie or Special Delivery.png Special Delivery, so try switching focus to him if he uses them to enter a fight.


Ability Usage
  • When cast on a group of enemy minions, Phosphorus Bomb.png Phosphorus Bomb along with Missile Barrage.png Missile Barrage allows Corki Corki to clear waves quickly.
  • Phosphorus Bomb.png Phosphorus Bomb casts quickly and does good burst damage for a lot of the game. It can be used to harass an enemy last-hitting by autoattacking them and then quickly casting Phosphorus Bomb.png Phosphorus Bomb.
  • Valkyrie.png Valkyrie is a great initiation enabling and escape skill. Use it wisely due to its long cooldown.
    • Valkyrie.png Valkyrie can be used to jump over terrain and walls.
    • Since Corki Corki is a squishy AD carry, you should rarely use Valkyrie.png Valkyrie offensively. Use it to keep up range between yourself and the enemy.
  • Maximizing the damage and armor reduction of Gatling Gun.png Gatling Gun will require Corki to be facing and attacking the target constantly for its four-second duration. It must be activated carefully to reach its full potential.
  • The armor reduction from Gatling Gun.png Gatling Gun will be removed two seconds after the last tick of damage the enemy has taken.
  • Corki Corki can use other abilities and auto attack while Gatling Gun.png Gatling Gun is active.
  • Always watch your Missile Barrage.png Missile Barrage quantity before entering a fight so you don't run out of it early. If possible, prepare a Big One.
  • Remember that Missile Barrage.png Missile Barrage is an AoE skill, and it doesn't have to hit the enemy champion directly, it may be hit onto a nearby minion for the same damage. The Big One does more damage and has a larger AoE radius.
Mastery Usage
Item Usage
  • Try to stay away from the AoE of his Gatling Gun.png Gatling Gun. It can reduce your armor heavily if you are careless.
    • Try to pressure Corki Corki while he is using it. Making him turn around to kite will cause him to waste part of it.
  • Although Corki Corki has a great lane dominance, he is fairly squishy. Work with your lane partner to harass him often and/or kill him early.
  • Focus Corki Corki down if he leads the battle with his Valkyrie.png Valkyrie.
  • When chasing him, do not overextend as his Valkyrie.png Valkyrie can help him outrun you.
  • Stay away from the minion wave when he uses his Missile Barrage.png Missile Barrage. The spell deals AoE damage even when it hits minions.

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