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  • It was speculated that Corki was inspired by Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter from Dota 2.
  • Corki was the first champion to have two Legendary skins as well as the first and only to have three.
    • All of them are old skins that are either Legacy or were never for sale to begin with.



  • Corki uses many aviator slang phrases when he speaks, several of which humorously convey much more vulgar language.
    • Blackshoe: A derogatory term for non-flying personnel as World War II aviators traditionally wore brown shoes.
    • Bogey: An unidentified potentially hostile aircraft.
    • Charlie Foxtrot: Cluster F***. A term used in a situation in which everything has gone completely wrong.
    • Delta Sierra: Dumb S***. An insult towards someone who completely blunders something.
    • Lima Oscar Lima: NATO phonetic for 'L.O.L.' ('laugh out loud', 'League of Legends')
    • Nugget: An aviator on his first tour (a rookie/newbie)
    • Sortie: A military mission or attack performed by a single plane.
    • Speed of Heat: Very, very fast
    • Spooled Up: Excited. Spooling up is also the act of bringing an aircraft's engines to idling revolutions per minute (RPM) to prepare them for takeoff.
    • Up To Snuff: To be aware of what is going on.
    • Whiskey Delta: Weak D***. An insult aimed at an aviator who caves under pressure.
  • "This is Major Tom to Ground Control" references Space Oddity by David Bowie.
  • Corki and Ziggs Ziggs share the quotes "Bombs away" and "Incoming".


CorkiSquare.png Ice Toboggan Corki [S|L]
CorkiSquare.png Red Baron Corki [S|L]
CorkiSquare.png UFO Corki [S|L]
  • This skin was awarded to all players who signed up before 14-Jan-2010.
    • Players who did received both Corki himself and this skin for free.
  • Quoted as being 'technically the first Legendary skin completed' when it was announced alongside Ice Toboggan.
CorkiSquare.png Hot Rod Corki [S|L]
CorkiSquare.png Urfrider Corki [S|L]
  • He celebrates April Fools' Day 2011 by piloting Urf Urf and using his machinegun.
  • If Corki scores a critical strike Urf will grunt and throw his spatula at the target.
  • He is the second champion featured by GANK Industries, the first being BlitzcrankSquare.png Piltover Customs Blitzcrank [S|L].
CorkiSquare.png Fnatic Corki [S|L]

CorkiSquare.png Arcade Corki [S|L]


  • Corki and Heimerdinger Heimerdinger are co-owners of Piltover Customs.


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