Kassadin Cosmic Reaver Southern Cross

Cosmic is a series of Parallel Universe skins in League of Legends, where champions are galaxy spanning etherial life forms.


Cosmic Enteties

Across the vastness of the universe, there is no creature like him. Present at the birth of the universe, he shall be there at its end.

Under the twinkle of the Southern Cross, KassadinSquare.png Cosmic Reaver Kassadin [S|L] rises to bring balance to the cosmos. With astral blade in hand, he channels the power of the stars as he serves cosmic justice to his opponents.[1][2]

Gliding effortlessly from star to star, the Master YiSquare.png Cosmic Blade [S|L] flashes through the night sky with celestial grace, his blade arcing with crystalline precision through the fabric of the universe itself.[3]


  • KassadinSquare.png Cosmic Reaver Kassadin [S|L] celebrates the Oceania server's launch (all revenue from the server immediately after release was donated to charity for medical services and research).
  • This skin line was originally inspired by the Crux constellation, but later incorporated other cosmic bodies and phenomena.
  • This skin line is a thematic opposite to the Dark Star skin line, where Cosmic entities create cosmic bodies, Dark Star Corruptants destroy them.

  • Cosmic Reaver Kassadin
  • Cosmic Blade Master Yi
  • Cosmic Dawn Rakan and Cosmic Dusk Xayah


  • Cosmic Reaver Kassadin Concept (by Riot Artist Paul 'Zeronis' Kwon)
  • Cosmic Reaver Model (by Riot Artist Oscar 'shadowMacuahuitl' Monteon)


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