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Kassadin Cosmic Reaver Southern Cross
Cosmic Enteties
  • Kassadin CosmicReaverCircle Cosmic Reaver Kassadin [S|L]
    • Born before the kindling of the stars, Kassadin stands alone in space’s vast void. He watches over all things, a sentinel awaiting the end of this universe… and the beginning of the next.
  • Master Yi CosmicBladeCircle Cosmic Blade Master Yi [S|L]
    • Gliding effortlessly from star to star, Yi flashes through the night sky with celestial grace, his blade arcing with crystalline precision through the fabric of the universe itself.
  • Rakan CosmicDawnCircle Cosmic Dawn Rakan [S|L]
    • Dawn chases dusk beneath the seas, two lovers locked in an endless waltz across the stars. Thus Rakan is never behind Xayah, breaking light glowing always above her shadow.
  • Xayah CosmicDuskCircle Cosmic Dusk Xayah [S|L]
    • Dusk beckons the dawn to its embrace, two lovers locked in an endless waltz across the stars. Thus Xayah is always a step ahead of Rakan, leading him forever into her arms.


  • KassadinSquare Cosmic Reaver Kassadin [S|L] celebrates the Oceania server's launch (all revenue from the server immediately after release was donated to charity for medical services and research).
  • This skin line was originally inspired by the Crux constellation, but later incorporated other cosmic bodies and phenomena.
  • This skin line is a thematic opposite to the Dark Star skin line, where Cosmic entities create cosmic bodies, Dark Star Corruptants destroy them.

  • Cosmic Reaver Kassadin
  • Cosmic Blade Master Yi
  • Cosmic Dawn Rakan and Cosmic Dusk Xayah