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Crystalline Flask was a consumable item in League of Legends.


  • The active cannot be used simultaneously with Health Potion item.png Health Potion and Mana Potion item.png Mana Potion.
  • The sell value of this item is 40% of the total cost.
  • Compared to potions each charge is worth 49 gold (28 for health and 21 for mana) or 53.9 gold (30.8 for health and 23.1 for mana) when using the Alchemist mastery.
  • Assuming you eventually sell it, Crystalline Flask item.png Crystalline Flask breaks even with regular potions once a champion consumes 4.22 charges. When only considering health, it pays off at 7.375 charges. When only considering mana it takes 9.86 charges. When using the Alchemist mastery the flask pays of at 3.84 charges considering both health and mana, or at 6.72 charges considering only health. Finally considering only mana the flask pays of at 8.96 charges.
  • Health regeneration speed is the same as a potion (10 health/s), while mana regeneration speed is a bit lower (5 MP/s vs. 6.7 MP/s).
  • Although many people might not compare this item to a combination of Faerie Charm item.png Faerie Charm and Rejuvenation Bead item.png Rejuvenation Bead, it would take five minutes (180/.6) to get the same mana regen, and six minutes to get the same health regen (360/1), per set of 3 charges. Furthermore, unlike Faerie Charm and Rejuvenation Bead, which are absolutely useless while you have full or no health/mana, you can choose to use charges as long as you have them.


  • Crystalline Flask item.png Crystalline Flask closely resembles DotA's Bottle.
  • You are unable to use flask charges at the spawning pool when you are at full health. If you return to the spawning pool with stacks still ticking they are removed upon entering.

Patch History


  • Removed from the game.


  • Cost increased to 345 from 225.
  • Now restores 120 health and 60 mana over 12 seconds from 100 health and 40 mana over 10 seconds per charge.

V1.0.0.152: Added

  • Item cost: 225
  • Unique Active: Consumes a charge to restore 100 health and 40 mana over 10 seconds.
  • Unique Passive: Starts with 3 charges and refills each time you stop by your shop.


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