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Curse Gaming
Curse Logo
Background Information
Region: North America
Members: Saintvicious (captain)
Website Curse
Former players Pobelter
Created: August 2011

Line Up

ID Name Role
USA Flag Saintvicious Brandon DiMarco Jungle

USA Flag Cop David Roberson AD

Ru Edward Edward Abgaryan Support

Cn Nyjacky Jacky Wang AP

USA Flag Voyboy Joe Esfahani Top

USA Flag Rhux Keenan Santos Sub

Canada Flag Elementz Cody Sigfusson Sub

USA Flag Hai Hai Lam Sub

USA Flag SwainGretzky Aaron Bean Sub

USA Flag OneBadBrad Brad Watson Sub

USA Flag KOYBBOY Brian Harderman Sub


Curse Gaming had a little trouble finding its footing starting off as a team in League of Legends eSports, mostly due to difficulty with findings its lineup. Former members of unRestricted in 2011 became the starting roster of Curse Gaming, which consisted of LiQuiD112, DontMashMe, Doublelift, SYDTKO, Pobelter, Lapaka, Nyjacky, and Jsura. Yet Lakapaka, Jsura, DontMashMe, and Doublelift, don't stay very long. In October Crumbzz joins the team, and in December so does Cop. January 2012 starts off with Curse Gaming getting its sponsor, TeamSpeak. In May SYDTKO and Crubzz leave with the replacement of Saintvicious. And next month Westrice comes on board to replace Pobelter, who at the time was too young to move to a gaming house.

Now with a, more or less, solidified roster Curse Gaming attends the IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown in August. They get defeated by Team Solomid, but place 2nd in their first Major tournament. Curse then went on to compete in the Season 2 World Championship Qualifier in Seattle. Yet their hope to qualify in the Championship were crushed by Counter logic gaming in the 3rd place match.

Afterward Curse Gaming underwent more roster alterations as they acquire their members - Voyboy and Rhux in November, but lose Westrice in December. In the beginning months of 2013 Hai, SwainGretzky and OneBadBrad also join Curse Gaming as subs.

Notable Achievements

  • 1st-place winner of the Solomid Series Finals
  • 1st-place winner at the National ESL Pro Series V
  • 2nd-place winner at IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown
  • 2nd-place winner at the National ESL Premier League II

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