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Damage Annie

Damage is displayed as a red section on a champion's health bar.

Damage is a property of autoattacks, abilities and on-hit effects in League of Legends that can, in its rawest form, be viewed as the aftermath of an attack on a unit or structure. Damage may represent anything from inflicting an injury on a unit to damaging a vital piece of equipment to disrupting a magical spell that holds a construct together. Whatever the means of destruction, its effect is the same - it serves as a direct deduction of hitpoints from a unit's current health.

League of Legends distinguishes between four different types of damage:

  • Physical damage: a type of damage that champions' autoattacks, some abilities, minions, and turrets deal. Armor reduces incoming physical damage.
  • Magic damage: a type of damage that most abilities, items, and on-hit effects deal. Magic resistance reduces incoming magic damage.
  • True damage: a type of damage that some abilities and on-hit effects deal. This damage cannot be reduced and always does exactly the value stated.
    • Pure damage: a type of damage that is identical in most respects to true damage but will also ignore invulnerability and revive effects. It is exclusive to the Nexus Obelisk.

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