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Dash is a type of champion ability that causes the user to move to a destination at an increased speed. Skillshots can hit the champion mid-way through the dash. Some dashes can be used to pass through walls. Blinks are similar to dashes, but they are instantaneous; as such, they can't be hit mid-travel.


A dash spell can be used for offensive or for escaping purposes. For offensive purposes, it's best used for either initiation or for finishing blows. Strategy of a dash spell is dependable on the champion's attribute: For example,  Shen can use his dash ability,  Shadow Dash, to initiate the battle, or  Akali can use her dash ability,  Shadow Dance, to secure a kill.


There are five types of dashes:

  • Line dash
  • Ground Targeted dash
  • Single Target dash
  • Point Blank dash
  • Blink

Line dashes

These kinds of dashes move the champion in a straight line toward the targeted location.

Ground targeted

Ground targeted dashes are dashes that move the champion to the target location, applying some sort of effect at the destination.

Single targeted

Single targeted dashes allow a champion to reach the location of a target in range, regardless of how much it travels after the dash has been cast. These dashes can only pass through walls if there is a valid target on the other side. Targeted dashes will not affect the target if they use a blink, but will travel with the target if they use a dash.

Point Blank

Point blank dashes allows the user to move at or towards the cursor, like smart cast skillshots. Some of these dashes allow the champion to pass through walls if the dash can move enough to arrive at the other side of the wall.


These abilities target a point or area and teleport the champion to the location, usually causing an effect afterwards. These are unique from the dash abilities listed above because they avoid all hazards between the points and are therefore not affected by them. For example,  Akali gets stunned when using  Shadow Dance through  Veigar's  Event Horizon but  Kassadin can  Riftwalk past with impunity.

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