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See also: Defense Mastery Tree (Season One) and Defense Mastery Tree (Season Three).
Defense Mastery Tree
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The Defense Mastery Tree is one of the three Mastery branches. All masteries were redesigned on November 15, 2011. The information from this article refers to the version of this mastery tree used since the redesign.


Its main focus was to give advantage to defensive actions like armor, magic resistance, health, and health regeneration among other defensive buffs. The Summoner Spells Revive.png Revive, Cleanse.png Cleanse, Heal.png Heal, Smite.png Smite and Garrison.png Garrison are improved by Summoner's Resolve mastery s2.png Summoner's Resolve from this mastery tree. It would take 37 points to max the Defense Mastery Tree out.


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