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For the mastery tree, see Defense Mastery Tree (2011)
Defense Mastery Tree
Mender's FaithResistancePreservationHardinessStrength of SpiritEvasionDefensive MasteryNimblenessHarden SkinVeteran's ScarsWillpowerArdorReinforceTenacitySeason 1 Defense
Other Mastery Trees:
ProfileIcon0009 OffenseProfileIcon0012 Utility
Defensive Mastery mastery 2011

Defensive Mastery was a tier 3 Defense mastery with 2 ranks.

Effect per Rank


  • Requires 8 points in Defense.


Patch History

  • Removed due to Season 2012.
June 26, 2009 Patch
  • Added
  • Tier 3 Defense mastery with 2 ranks.
  • Reduces by 1 / 2 damage taken from minions and monsters.