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Offense Mastery Tree
Summoner's Wrath (Season 2012 Mastery)Brute Force (Season 2012 Mastery)Mental Force (Season 2012 Mastery)Butcher (Season 2012 Mastery)Alacrity (Season 2012 Mastery)Sorcery (Season 2012 Mastery)Demolitionist (Season 2012 Mastery)Deadliness (Season 2012 Mastery)Weapon Expertise (Season 2012 Mastery)Arcane Knowledge (Season 2012 Mastery)Havoc (Season 2012 Mastery)Lethality (Season 2012 Mastery)Vampirism (Season 2012 Mastery)Blast (Season 2012 Mastery)Sunder (Season 2012 Mastery)Archmage (Season 2012 Mastery)Executioner (Season 2012 Mastery)Season 2 Offense
Other Mastery Trees:
ProfileIcon0024 DefenseProfileIcon0012 Utility
Demolitionist mastery 2012

Demolitionist was a tier 2 Offense mastery with 1 rank.

Effect per Rank


  • Requires 4 points in Offense.


  • This is a great mastery for pusher champions, or champions that otherwise don't do much damage to turrets.
  • A champion with a high attack speed can take down turrets noticeably faster with this mastery due to the fact that the effect procs many more times over a short span of time.

Patch History

  • Removed due to Season 2013.
  • Added
  • Tier 2 Offense mastery 1 rank.
  • Basic attacks deal 10 bonus physical damage to turrets.

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