"All shall hail me! My darkness will sweep across the world!"
Little Devil Teemo profileicon Devil Teemo

The Devil Teemo - The Evil Overlord of the Doom Bots.


Name Description
Guerrilla Warfare
Gruerrilla Warfare
Innate: UNKNOWN!
Blinding Dart
Blinding Dart
Active: Devil Teemo shoots three darts, dealing magic damage and applying Nearsight icon nearsight to enemies for a short duration.
Move Quick
Move Quick
Active: Devil Teemo's basic movement speed becomes 700 for few seconds.
Toxic Shot
Toxic Shot
Passive: Devil Teemo's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and Poison icon poison his target, causing them to take additional magic damage over 4 seconds. Subsequent attacks refresh the Poison icon poison's duration.
Noxious Trap
Noxious Trap
Active: Devil Teemo calls down a big mushroom trap falling out of the sky! it detonates when it touches the ground, dealing magic damage to enemies within a moderate area.


Upon Responses

  • "All shall hail me! My darkness will sweep across the world!"
  • "What?! My servants have't destroyed you yet?"
  • "Looks like I'll have to do it MYSELF!"

Upon Cursing

1st Curse

2nd Curse


Tales from the Rift - Login Screen

Tales from the Rift - Login Screen

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