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Upon Selection

  • Diana Select
    "A new moon is rising."


  • Diana.attack1
    "This is necessary."
  • Diana.attack2
    "Ignorant thralls!"
  • Diana.attack3
    "Bring down the sun."
  • Diana.attack4
    "They leave me no choice."
  • Diana.attack5
    "Deny me no longer!"
  • Diana.attack6
    "Blind to the truth."
  • Diana.attack7
    "No more lies."


  • Diana.move1
    "Chosen of the moon."
  • Diana.move2
    "They would not listen."
  • Diana.move3
    "I will be heard."
  • Diana.move4
    "Dusk approaches."
  • Diana.move5
    "Follow no false light."
  • Diana.move6
    "I cannot turn back."
  • Diana.move7
    "The moon also rises."
  • Diana.move8
    "My eyes are open."
  • Diana.move9
    "I speak only truth."
  • Diana.move10
    "They could not break me."
  • Diana.move11
    "Embrace the night."


  • Diana.joke1
    "A man, a woman and a yordle walk into the sun. They die! Because it burns them alive? Heh heh heh heh."
  • Diana.joke2
    "Knock, knock. Who's there? The moon... it's far away! You were alone the whole time! Ha ha ha!"


  • Diana.taunt1
    "Locket of the Iron Solari itemThey called me a heretic, now they are dead."
  • Diana.taunt2
    "The moon will rise. The night will last forever."


  • Diana.laugh1
    Diana laughs.
  • Diana.laugh2
    Diana laughs.
  • Diana.laugh3
    Diana laughs.
  • Diana.laugh4
    Diana laughs.

Upon Casting Moonfall.png Moonfall

  • Diana.E1
  • Diana.E2
  • Diana.E3
    "Twilight fades!"
  • Diana.E4
    "Night approaches."


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