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  • Diana was the first champion to have a dedicated musical login screen with vocals.
    • Similar ones include Jinx Jinx's, Thresh Thresh's, and Vi Vi's.
    • Diana was also the first champion to feature dedicated slow/haste animations.
  • Her crescent blade featured in Man at Arms: Reforged.


  • Diana was named after the eponymous Roman Moon Goddess.
  • Her weapon is based on a Sickle / Khopesh.[4]
    • It is jokingly called 'Khopsickle' / 'Chop-sickle' by Michael 'IronStylus' Maurino.[5]
      • It was conceived as a 'reverse khopesh' in turn making it a stylized scythe, this in turn making it a reaping/harvesting tool (the Solari elders reaped what they sowed with their denial and the Celestial Aspect of the Moon 'harvested' them via Diana, albeit she herself did it unwillingly)
  • From the very start Diana was conceived and designed as the antithesis of Leona Leona (sun/moon, faith/'heresy', tradition/revisionism, exclusion/inclusion, flair/curves)
  • Moonfall.png Moonfall (according to Michael 'IronStylus' Maurino) was supposed to be Diana's ultimate, have a channel time, deal true damage, and be powered by a resource called 'Scorn'.
    • It was scrapped for being deemed toxic and almost uncounterable.[6]


  • Diana's late parents were not from Mount Targon even though she was born there.
  • Her questioning of the Solari faith made sense all along.
    • All the years of punishment, isolation, and derision from both elders and peers were vindicated the moment she climbed the mountain and the Aspect of the Moon chose her to be its avatar.
      • Yet the Solari, in their self-absorbed denial, couldn't grasp the truths Diana uncovered after centuries. The Void will consume them if they do not realize the lie they're living.
        • The Aspect of the Moon gave Diana the rune now glowing on her forehead.[7]



DianaSquare.png Dark Valkyrie Diana [S|L]
DianaSquare.png Lunar Goddess Diana [S|L]
DianaSquare.png Infernal Diana [S|L]
DianaSquare.png Blood Moon Diana [S|L]


  • Using the Aspect of the Moon's knowledge and memories Diana plans to reunite the Solari and Lunari so that they and the Rakkor can stand a chance against The Void.
    • This may prove difficult, as the Solari hunt her and the Rakkor will likely follow suit seeing as they've been in their shadow for so long (although they've managed to remain independent from them, implying the tribes may split in their alliances)
  • What her fellow Aspects and Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol plan to do to fight the Voidborn invasion (and the Star Forger going about reclaiming his freedom) remains uncertain.


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