Braum Braum and the direction-targeting of Winter's Bite.png Winter's Bite.

Direction-targeting is a targeting paradigm in League of Legends that specifies that abilities using it require an input direction to be used. The term skillshot is often used to refer to projectile-based direction-targeted abilities, such as Ezreal Ezreal's Mystic Shot.png Mystic Shot.

Where this targeting type is differentiated from ground-targeting is that these abilities interact with the entire length of the ability's range, rather than a specified destination within range. Most direction-targeted abilities have effects the travel along a line of effect (in the case of projectiles and dashes), and these may interact with each applicable unit hit (referred to as pass-through effects) or with only the first unit hit (collision effects). However, some direction-targeted abilities will affect the entire area at once (predominantly cones). A direction-targeted ability does not need to originate from the caster, as with the case of Orianna Orianna's Command Attack.png Command Attack. Whether or not a direction-targeted ability deals area of effect (such as Lissandra Lissandra's Ice Shard.png Ice Shard) does not affect the targeting classification.

Direction-targeted abilities are divided into subsets based on the scope of the area of effect they occupy. Almost all direction-targeted abilities in League of Legends are of a linear (rectangular, the ones often referred to as skill shots) or conic shape with the only known exceptions being Aatrox Aatrox's Blades of Torment.png Blades of Torment, which is reverse-conic, Diana Diana's Crescent Strike.png Crescent Strike, which is curved, and Galio Galio's Winds of War.png Winds of War, which is ring-shaped. A few abilities may be combinations of both where two or more linear skillshots are combined to form a cone, such as Ashe Ashe's Volley.png Volley.




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