Dominion was a capture-and-hold, fast-paced game mode that uses capture points for winning the game. Two summoner spells, Fortify Fortify and Teleport Teleport, weren't suitable for Dominion, and thus, they were replaced by two new summoner spells: Garrison Garrison and Promote Promote.

Reasons for Replacement

Due to the difference in gameplay some of the spells will have no use anymore. These spells will be replaced by different spells more useful to the different style. The new summoner spell Garrison Garrison functions by strengthening allied turrets and weakening opposing ones. However, for a game where movement is everything, the summoner spell Teleport Teleport would give too much of an advantage. Instead, the previously removed summoner spell Promote Promote will take its place.


The masteries for Fortify and Teleport will change into those for Garrison and Promote when entering a game of Dominion. This is a change for the previously removed spell Promote as its mastery used to be Demolisher mastery 2011.png Demolisher in the Offense Mastery Tree. What the name for the new utility mastery will be, is of yet unknown.

Replaced Spells

Original Dominion
Fortify Fortify Garrison Garrison
Teleport Teleport Promote Promote
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