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The Doom Bots of Doom mode

The Doom Bots of Doom mode

The Doom Bots of Doom, also known as Nightmare mode, is a Featured Game Mode for League of Legends. The first featured mode to utilize bots, this is Co-op vs. AI with a twist: each bots has mutated, granting them empowered abilities. On higher difficulties, Doom Bots will mutate further over the course of the game - picking up the abilities of other champions, alongside their own.


Get ready - it’s almost time for the next Featured Game Mode!

You thought Brazil’s Veigar Bot was challenging? Think again! We’ve souped up the bots to DOOM levels, giving them mind-melting abilities that’ll blow you away. Thought Amumu was already emo enough? What if Amumu’s Doom Bot is so sad he makes all his nearby allies units CRY WITH DESPAIR, too? What if Ziggs’s Mega Inferno Bomb broke off into six MINI INFERNO BOMBS after landing, or if Lux’s Final Spark burst out in ALL directions around her? Each of the Doom Bots have had their abilities tinkered with, and things most definitely get crazy when they get aggressive.

Fight the Doom Bots and you’ll unlock harder difficulties. Bots with 2 Bombs respawn with Bonus Doom effects such as Anivia’s passive or Swain’s ultimate, while 5 Bomb Doom Bots carry TWO Bonus Doom effects and provide the most extreme challenge in this brain-bursting Featured Game Mode!

The Doom Bots of Doom will be cavorting around the Fields of Justice from July 17 to July 27, and you’ll unlock a Doomtastic summoner icon if you challenge them at least once!


Doom Bots of Doom is available in 3 difficulties, and you must play the previous difficulty in order to unlock the next.
  • Short Fuse : Enemies champions have Doom mutations to their abilities.
  • Short FuseShort Fuse : Enemies champions receive Doom Mutations whenever they die. Doom Mutations do not appear to stack, with the exception of the Doom Bot's personal mutation.
  • Short FuseShort FuseShort FuseShort FuseShort Fuse : Good luck. ^_^

While Doom Bots cheat in almost every regard, the Fog of War still obstructs their vision.

Bot Roster

AmumuSquare.png Emumu
  • Despair.png Despair has started making everything near him sad too. So very sad. All allied units within range of Doom Amumu cry in sympathy with him. His Curse of the Sad Mummy.png Curse of the Sad Mummy now also reaches further. (~1200 range)
AnnieSquare.png Annie
  • Annie can set alight nearby enemy towers and burn everything. She also brought her bear TibbersSquare.png Tibbers. Have you seen him? He's only bigger than 10-stack Cho'Gath and his AOE attacks shunt people away from him.
BlitzcrankSquare.png Definitely Not Blitzcrank
  • Doom Blitzcrank has powered up all his systems, giving him extra Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grabs (fires 3 in a cone), a gigantic Mana Barrier.png Mana Barrier and Static Field.png Static Field, and a Power Fist.png Power Fist that knocks multiple enemies into the air. But it's definitely not him, so don’t worry.
ChoGathSquare.png Gentleman Cho'Gath
  • Cho’Gath grows in power as he grows in size. As he gains stacks of Feast.png Feast (which can stack up to 10 times), his Rupture.png Rupture and Feral Scream.png Feral Scream grow larger. Like, multiple Ruptures in a 1000-length line kind of larger.
EzrealSquare.png Pulsefire Ezreal
  • Ezreal’s abilities have been fragmented into multiple energy waves. His ultimate in particular goes off 2 additional times, in 8 additional directions.
FiddlesticksSquare.png Spectral Fiddlesticks
  • Fiddlesticks can Drain.png Drain multiple enemies at once and each of his abilities has becoming more Terrify.png Terrifying. Additionally, Fiddlestick Spirits are waiting to Crowstorm.png Crowstorm from anywhere you do not have vision.
GalioSquare.png Gatekeeper Galio
  • Galio now fires a halo of Resolute Smite.png Resolute Smites in a circle and Righteous Gust.png Righteous Gust forms multiple gusts, and he will periodically create taunt zones next to nearby enemy champions (that taunt enemies still inside when they detonate).
KarthusSquare.png Grim Reaper Karthus
  • Karthus periodically Death Defied.png Defies Death while still alive (making him untargetable but still very mobile), and his abilities have fragmented (bigger, multiple copies and lower cooldown).
LuxSquare.png Imperial Lux
  • Each of Lux's abilities explodes into a star of Light Binding.png Light Bindings, except for Final Spark.png Final Spark, which just hits in 12 directions at once.
MalzaharSquare.png Overlord Malzahar
  • MalzaharSquare.png Malzahar's abilities have fragmented, and he’s brought extra voidlings with him from the void.(bigger, multiple copies and lower cooldown and about thrice the amount of voidlings).

MorganaSquare.png Blade Mistress Morgana
VeigarSquare.png Superb Villain Veigar
  • Veigar calls down a ring of Dark Matter.png Dark Matter around himself periodically and his abilities fragment on minions (meaning he farms AP insanely quickly).
WukongSquare.png Volcanic Wukong
  • WukongSquare.png Wukong's Nimbus Strike.png Nimbus Strike creates additional clones which knock enemies into the air when disappearing. His Cyclone also summons Decoys that spin alongside him.
ZiggsSquare.png Mad Scientist Ziggs
  • ZiggsSquare.png Ziggs's Mega Inferno Bomb.png Mega Inferno Bomb will fragment on detonation, and his Bouncing Bomb.png Bouncing Bombs have started rolling around, chasing enemy champions.(His basic abilities produce bombs that slowly chase nearby champions and detonate after a while, and his mine field has a much shorter cooldown)
ZyraSquare.png Haunted Zyra
  • ZyraSquare.png Zyra's Rampant Growth.png Rampant Growth periodically spawns clusters of seeds near enemy champions, which bloom after a moderate delay. Additionally, her abilities summon additional plants.(Seeds appear somewhat behind enemy laners. She can put such seeds with more than 1500 range. She will also try to launch her skillshots while enemies are about to step on her seeds)

Bonus Doom: Doom Mutations

Doom Bots can mutate the following passives on higher difficulties.
  • AkaliSquare.png Akali's Twilight Shroud.png Twilight Shroud: This champion creates a smoke cloud in an area for a short time. While within the cloud, this champion is stealthed and gains bonus armor and magic resistance. Attacking or using abilities will reveal them briefly. Enemies inside the smoke are slowed.
  • AniviaSquare.png Anivia's Rebirth.png Rebirth: Upon taking lethal damage, this champion will transform into an egg with 100% health. If the egg survives for a short time, the champion is revived with the same percentage health that their egg had.
  • EvelynnSquare.png Evelynn's Shadow Walk.png Shadow Walk: When out of combat for a short time, this champion enters stealth only being able to be seen by enemy champions within range.
  • GarenSquare.png Garen's Judgment.png Judgment: Every brush you can’t see into nearby this champion, could have Garen hiding in it. Demacia!
  • HecarimSquare.png Hecarim's Onslaught of Shadows.png Onslaught of Shadows: Spectral riders are summoned alongside this champion, causing enemy champions and minions they touch to flee in terror.
  • JannaSquare.png Janna's Howling Gale.png Howling Gale: This champion summons whirlwinds nearby that briefly knock enemy champions airborne and disappear after a short time.
  • LeBlancSquare.png LeBlanc's Mirror Image.png Mirror Image: Whenever this champions is below 40% health, they create a clone of themselves.
  • NocturneSquare.png Nocturne's Paranoia.png Paranoia: This champion reduces the sight radius of nearby enemy champions and minions.
  • PantheonSquare.png Pantheon's Aegis Protection.png Aegis Protection: After auto-attacking or using an ability 4 times, this champion will block the next incoming turret attack or basic attack from an enemy champion, siege minion or large monster.
  • SejuaniSquare.png Sejuani's Permafrost.png Permafrost: This champion creates pools of frost nearby, slowing all enemy champions and minions moving through them.
  • ShacoSquare.png Shaco's Hallucinate.png Hallucinate: Whenever this champion is below 40% health, they create a clone of themselves, which explodes when dying dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.
  • ShyvanaSquare.png Shyvana's Burnout.png Burnout: This champion scorches the earth where they walk, leaving behind a trail of fire.
  • SwainSquare.png Swain's Ravenous Flock.png Ravenous Flock: Ravens circle this champion and strike out at nearby enemies dealing magic damage. This champion is healed for a portion of the damage dealt to champions and minions.
  • ViktorSquare.png Viktor's Death Ray.png Death Ray: This champion fires laser beams in a pattern around themselves, dealing magic damage to every enemy they hit.
  • WarwickSquare.png Warwick's Blood Scent.png Blood Scent: This champion reveals enemy champions within range with less than 50% health.


  • Bots will Gate.png Gate as a team of 5 to kill DragonSquare.png Dragon periodically (including corpses of dead bots). They have not being observed to attempt to kill Baron NashorSquare.png Baron Nashor
  • FiddlesticksSquare.png Fiddlesticks was nerfed the day after the game mode's release removing flee from Dark Wind.png Dark Wind.
  • It is possible to be invited to difficulties that you have not unlocked.
  • BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank actively /laughs at his enemies, which he will do after dodging skills or just randomly in the hopes to bait you.


LoL Login theme - Chinese - 2014 - Doom bots of Doom02:16

LoL Login theme - Chinese - 2014 - Doom bots of Doom

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