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Upon Selection

  • DrMundo


  • DrMundo.attack1
    "Mundo (slurps) smash!"
  • DrMundo.attack2
    "Mundo too strong for you!"
  • DrMundo.attack3
  • DrMundo.attack4
    "Mundo will go where he pleases!" (slurps)
  • DrMundo.attack5
    "Come to Mundo!"
  • DrMundo.attack6
  • DrMundo.attack7
    "Mundo go this way!"


  • DrMundo.taunt
    "Mundo think you a big sissy!" *laughs*


  • DrMundo.joke
    "Mundo say his own name a lot, or else he forget! Has happened before."


  • DrMundo.laugh1
    Mundo laughs.
  • DrMundo.laugh2
    Mundo laughs.
  • DrMundo.laugh3
    Mundo laughs.

Upon Death

  • DrMundo.dying3
    "Mundo... !"


  • CorporateMundo.attack1
    "Mundo never merge! Mundo acquire!"
  • CorporateMundo.attack2
    "Mundo send them on corporate retreat!"
  • CorporateMundo.attack3
    "Mundo smash like a boss!"
  • CorporateMundo.attack4
    "Mundo downsize what he pleases!"
  • CorporateMundo.attack5
    "Mundo give beatdown in triplicate!"
  • CorporateMundo.attack6
    "Time for Mundo to make cuts!"
  • CorporateMundo.attack7
    "Mundo outsource your FACE!"


  • CorporateMundo.move1
    "Mundo never fly coach."
  • CorporateMundo.move2
    "Mundo check his schedule."
  • CorporateMundo.move3
    "Mundo say greed is good!"
  • CorporateMundo.move4
    "Mundo upwardly mobile."
  • CorporateMundo.move5
    "Mundo enforce corporate policy."
  • CorporateMundo.move6
    "Mundo do hostile takeover."
  • CorporateMundo.move7
    "Mundo eat TPS report."
  • CorporateMundo.move8
    "Mundo never start in mail room."
  • CorporateMundo.move9
    "Mundo say 'you're fired'!"
  • CorporateMundo.move10
    "Mundo king of office romance!"


  • CorporateMundo.taunt
    "Yahhh, Mundo going to need you to come in on Saturday."
  • CorporateMundo.taunt2
    "Mundo's ABC's of success: Always Be Cleaving."


  • CorporateMundo.joke
    "PC LOAD LETTER? What the Mundo does that mean?"
  • CorporateMundo.joke2
    "Mundo runs international corporation as he pleases."


  • DrMundo.laugh1
    Mundo laughs.
  • DrMundo.laugh2
    Mundo laughs.
  • DrMundo.laugh3
    Mundo laughs.

Upon Using Infected Cleaver.png Infected Cleaver

  • CorporateMundo.spellcasteffort
    "Mundo sell!"
  • CorporateMundo.spellcasteffort 1
    "Mundo file!"
  • CorporateMundo.spellcasteffort 2
    "Mundo sell!"
  • CorporateMundo.spellcasteffort 3
    "Mundo file!"

Upon Using Sadism.png Sadism

  • CorporateMundo.ultimateeffort1
    "Corporate Mundo!"
  • CorporateMundo.ultimateeffort2
    "Corporate Mundo!"
  • CorporateMundo.ultimateeffort3
    "Corporate Mundo!"
  • CorporateMundo.ultimateeffort4
    "Rwaaargh! Corporate Mundo!"

Upon Death

  • DrMundo.dying3
    "Mundo... !"

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "Mundo happy to meet you not!"
  • "May the best Mundo... Mundo."
Player Team Victory
  • "Mundo!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "Mundo win?"
  • "Mundo hears defeat a lot, he sad if he doesn't hear victory."


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