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  • Draven was designed by Volty.[1]
  • Draven is voiced by Erik Braa, Who also voices  Jax and  Vel'Koz
  • In Old English, Draven's name means "Hunter".
  • Draven is one of the 8 champions who does not have a single skill that scales off ability power, the others being  Darius,  Zed,  Garen,  Olaf,  Riven,  Talon Vayne.
  • Draven's dance is the fire dance.
    • It is also the first dance to have the champion talk while dancing.
    • This dance is shared with Thresh.
  • Draven's name and overall aesthetics is similar to Kraven, the Hunter, from the Spiderman comics.
  • In his Champion Spotlight, Draven was not played by "Phreak" like the other champion spotlights.
  • When Draven recalls or teleports, he strikes a pose identical to Usain Bolt's signature pose.
    • When Draven strikes his recall pose, he points toward his respective summoner's platform or towards where he is teleporting.
  • Draven's tendencies as an executioner are similar to that of two famous real-life executioners: Souflikar, a Turkish executioner who would challenge his victims to a race, and Richard Brandon, an English executioner who excited the crowd by killing his victims in a single blow.
  • Draven can catch the enemy team's Draven's spinning axe and gain the buff.
  • If you recall or teleport while the Spinning Axe buff is still active, the axe that was spinning at the time will still spin when Draven puts it on his back until the buff is gone.
  • Draven's death animation is likely a reference to the enigmatic ending of Cowboy Bebop in which the main character makes the same finger pistol motion as Draven and says "Bang" before collapsing, which Draven reproduces down to the thumb-hammer motion.
  • Draven and his brother  Darius share the exact same base attack speed and attack speed scaling.
  • Draven's innate ability,  League of Draven, replaced his original,  Wicked Blades, in patch 3.9. At that same time, Draven's difficulty rating increased to 100 from 60, making him the fourth and only non-mage champion with 100 difficulty rating.
  • Draven won GameFAQs' Character Battle IX contest.
  • Draven is the fourth champion to currently have a difficulty rating of 100, the first being  Cassiopeia, the second being  Orianna, and the third being  Syndra. Although Draven was released before Syndra, he was not assigned a difficulty rating of 100 until long after Syndra's release. His original difficulty rating was 60.
  • When Draven kills a champion, there is a special effect that rains coins of gold down on Draven.
    • This effect represent the gold earned from his passive ability,  League of Draven.
  • The weapons that Draven wield are called "Noxian Double Axe'erang Chucks".


  • Draven is the first champion to have a special quote when using Recall or Teleport.
    • While  Draven was the first champion to emit a quote when recalling,  Darius was the first to have a special animation.
  • Draven is the only champion with a quote and effect made to specifically interact with himself. He emits a quote when he catches another Draven's axe.
  • His quote "Welcome to the League of Draven" has become a meme, in which people photoshop Draven's face onto other champions.
  • Draven shares a quote with  Jax: "Let's do this."
  • He shares a quote with  Nunu Bot: "Man, I'm good."
  • Draven shares a quote with  Katarina: "Too easy."


  • The Soul Reaver skin bears a striking resemblance to the Turian race from the Mass Effect, especially the Reaper-converted Marauders.
  • Prior to the information of the Gladiator skin leaked from public beta, a similar skin concept for Draven, "Firedancer", has been published by the player Spookypatrol (deviantART user "Dargonite") in the official North American forum. Five Riot employees expressed interest to the idea in two separate threads.[2]
    • The skin is also used to celebrate the Italian localization of the client, 24 March 2013.
  • The Gladiator skin possesses 3 special quotes available only in Italian which are references to the movie "Gladiator".
    • "Al mio segnale,scatenate Draven!" which can be translated to "At my signal, unleash Draven!"
    • "Date a Draven ciò che è di Draven... E anche tutto il resto!" which means "Give Draven what Draven owns... and everything else." , based on the popular sentence "Give Caesar what Caesar owns."
    • "Ciò che Draven fa in vita,riecheggia nell'eternità...Già" that means "What Draven does in life, echoes through eternity."


  • Draven is  Darius' younger brother. The two together were known as "The Blood Brothers",
    • The use of Blood Brothers in this context is no relation to the common usage, which is where two non-related males perform a "blood pact".
    • The term "The Blood Brothers" was likely used due to them both utilizing bleed damage. However, the significance of the term was diminished when Wicked Blades was removed.
  • According to his page on the beta League of Legends website, Draven's relations list him as friends with himself.


Login Music

Draven's Theme

Login Screen

Draven League Of Legends Login Screen With Music(01:07)

Art Spotlight

Draven Art Spotlight(06:46)


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