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Anivia Anivia

  • Messages posted in private or public chat during Rebirth.png Rebirth will use the name "Eggnivia".
    • The name in the score table also changes to "Eggnivia".

Brand Zombie Brand

  • While chasing an enemy champion, Brand will occasionally use a unique run animation and groan in detest.

Gangplank Gangplank

  • Similar to Janna's joke, Gangplank will also sometimes laugh like the Old Gangplank, also claiming that he had something in his throat.

Gnar Gnar

  • His name changes to Mega Gnar in the chat while in his Mega Gnar Mega Form.

Janna Janna

  • Janna features a rare joke that causes her to begin saying the joke of her original voice over, before spluttering and coughing.
    • Janna.joke2
      "Say hello to the winds of...*double cough*...*clears throat* I don't know what came over me."

Jax Jaximus

Kha&#039;Zix Mecha Kha'Zix

  • Mecha Kha'Zix does not feature Kha'Zix's usual jokes and features a unique joke. This was the first non-legendary skin to feature a new quote.
    • MechaKhazix.joke
      "I have evolved beyond jokes. I am now a robot. Beep. Boop."

Karma Traditional Karma

  • Traditional Karma features a rare joke.
    • TraditionalKarma.joke2
      "Guess what's about to hit the fan."

Kog&#039;Maw Kog'Maw

  • Kog'Maw features a rare joke, alluding to his father's impending arrival a supposed new champion.
    • KogMaw.taunt2
      "Terror coming...Daddy coming!"

Lulu Lulu

  • Messages posted in private or public chat while Whimsy.png polymorphed will use the name "Squill".
    • With her Winter Wonder skin, their champion name changes to "Snowman".
  • The buff icon for Help, Pix!.png Help, Pix! is called "Hey! Listen!", which is a reference to Navi.

Rengar Night Hunter Rengar

  • Night Hunter Rengar's taunt is different from the Classic Rengar taunt - It removes the first half where he thrusts his blade forward, instead replacing it with toggling his hood up or down.

Skarner Skarner

  • If Skarner stands still in a brush for twelve seconds, he may shout out a secret joke. This can't happen twice while remaining in the same bush.
    • Skarner.special

Thresh Deep Terror Thresh

  • Deep Terror Thresh features a rare recall animation, where he will sometimes haul a tire and look sad.

Vi Neon Vi

  • Neon Vi does not feature Vi's usual taunts and instead causes her to toggle between having her shades on or off.

Zac Zac

  • Zac's base model size increases based on his bonus health.
  • Zac's model sizes varies depending on his current health.

Zed Zed

  • Zed features a rare joke where he will lose to his shadow in their game of rock-paper-scissors. Turns out Zed isn't as honorable as his shadow and instead of bowing graciously: he lashes out.

Summoner's Rift

  • When UdyrSquare.png Spirit Guard Udyr kills Baron Nashor Baron Nashor, the Dragon Dragon or any of the monster camps, he says a unique quote for each of them.
  • Autumn Summoner's Rift (no longer available)
    • Near Baron Nashor Baron Nashor's lair there was a gravestone. Standing near the grave will cause Urf Urf's ghost to appear. If Warwick Warwick triggers this interaction, Urf will hurl a spatula at him dealing 1 damage. This will be blocked by spell shields (popping them), but cannot deal lethal damage.
    • Below bottom lane were three coffins containing the bodies of Averdrian Averdrian, Gavid Gavid and Tabu Tabu. This is believed to symbolize the "nail in the coffin" of their development.
  • The Blue Sentinel Blue Sentinel dances when AhriSquare.png Popstar Ahri dances near it.
  • A Poro Poro will spawn in each of the bases if a Freljord champion is on the team.
  • If five Pool Party skins (or Rumble in the Jungle or Surfer Singed) are present on the map, a yellow rubber duck will spawn on Summoner's Rift near the bottom Middle part of river instead of a normal duck.
  • Numerous Tesla Effect HelmetBroSquare Helmet Bro helmets can been seen in various locations on the map:
  • Several Items that have been removed from the game can be seen on the map:
    • Two Emblem of Valor item.png Emblems of Valor can be seen in one of the towers surrounding Summoner's Rift.
    • A Heart of Gold item.png Heart of Gold can be seen in the Red Shopkeeper shop. The sign on the item use to say "sold".
    • Old Aegis of the Legion item.png Aegis of the Legion shield can be seen in the Blue Shopkeeper shop.
    • A Philosopher&#039;s Stone item.png Philosopher's Stone can be seen hanged up on a stone tablet at the south-west part of the map.
  • Old Baron Nashor Baron Nashor's skull can been seen in the Baron pit.
  • A smiley face is a tribute to a smiley face that was present on the old map, which was also located on exactly the same spot, at the southern part of the map.
  • "The Sword in the Stone" at the north-east part of the map is a reference to Excalibur and to King Artur's legend.
  • A random cogwheels can be seen on the eastern part of the map.
  • At the eastern entrance of the Red base, when first entering the map, a frog can be seen scurrying and falling to his death.
    • His official fandom name is "George, the Suicidal Frog".
  • A grave altar with a ProfileIcon786 The99,999RP gold spatula of Urf Urf is at the same location as his old grave on the Autumn map grave was.
  • Elder mage face can be seen carved on one of the tables on the map . It is a reference to the mage statues from the old Summoner's Rift map.
  • A Gromp Gromp statue can be seen at the north-east part of the map, near red teams Gromp.
  • Numerous rune writings can be seen carved on the walls and into the floors of both the Blue and Red bases, as well as around the map.
  • BardSquare.png Bard's face symbol have been seen in various locations on the map before his initial reveal. Since his release, those symbols have been removed from the map.
  • A stone wall carved with the Protectorate and Magelords around a crystal can be seen at the north east part of red teams lane. In the Beta version of the map, the wall had no carvings and it was cracked.
    • A silhouette of AatroxSquare.png Aatrox can be seen on the left side of the stone wall, as seen here.

Twisted Treeline

Howling Abyss

  • The announcer will occasionally welcome players to the 'Murder Bridge', rather than the 'Howling Abyss'.
  • The shopkeepers feature many unique pieces of dialogue when visiting and buying from them.
    • The Viking (whose name is Gregor) has special quotes for champions that originate from Freljord, that are Yordles, and for Nami Nami and Brand Brand
    • The Hermit (whose name is Lyte) has special quotes for some champions that originate from Piltover and Freljord, and for Blitzcrank Blitzcrank and Zilean Zilean.
  • After winning a match in the Howling Abyss, Lissandra Lissandra will say a special monologue after 30 seconds. She is not required to be in the match for this to happen.
  • Certain structures in the map will break and fall in to the abyss after a certain action is done.
    • Dying near one of the statues on the bridge's sides might cause it to break or not.
    • Walking near the large pillar on the left side of the blue team's base will cause it to topple down.
    • Scoring a first blood will destroy another bridge at the leftmost side of the map.
    • There are a set of blocks near the purple team's outer turret that will fall when walking near it.
    • After losing a set amount of health, the turrets will begin to crumble. This can happen twice before being destroyed.
  • Round, furry creatures, known as Poros, can be seen running around in the map. Feeding one ten times with Poro-Snax item.png Poro-Snax will cause it to explode into eight more Poros.


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