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Upon Selection

  • Elise Select
    "Only the spider is safe in her web."


  • Elise.move1
    "I know what lurks in the shadows."
  • Elise.move2
    "I know the true path."
  • Elise.move3
    "There's nothing to fear."
  • Elise.move4
    "Pull the strings. Watch them dance."
  • Elise.move5
    "We must all make sacrifices."
  • Elise.move6
    "I can show them the way to divinity."
  • Elise.move7
    "My true beauty is beneath the skin."
  • Elise.move8
    "They need... guidance."
  • Elise.move9
    "Every web, a masterpiece."


  • Elise.attack1
    "I have... refined tastes."
  • Elise.attack2
    "Vilemaw The spider demands sacrifice."
  • Elise.attack3
    "Ah, the tangled webs we weave."
  • Elise.attack4
    "Dangling by a thread."
  • Elise.attack5
    "Weak willed fools!"
  • Elise.attack6
    "It will all be over soon."


  • Elise.joke1
    "I hear a man likes a lady with legs."
  • Elise.joke2
    "Hmm, why so tense? Relax."


  • Elise.taunt1
    "Come closer, I don't bite!"
  • Elise.taunt2
    "The spider, I. And you, the fly."


  • Elise.laugh1
    Elise laughs.
  • Elise.laugh2
    Elise laughs.
  • Elise.laugh3
    Elise laughs.
  • Elise.laugh4
    Elise laughs.


  • EliseSpider.move1
    "I can feel their fear."
  • EliseSpider.move2
  • EliseSpider.move3
    "Strand by silken strand."
  • EliseSpider.move4
    "How fast can they run on two legs?"
  • EliseSpider.move5
    "I lurk in every shadow."
  • EliseSpider.move6
    "Now I thrive!"
  • EliseSpider.move7
    "Skitter along, my pets."
  • EliseSpider.move8
    "Nothing escapes my web."
  • EliseSpider.move9
    "Partake of my poison."


  • EliseSpider.attack1
    "Tangled in my web."
  • EliseSpider.attack2
    "Sate my hunger!"
  • EliseSpider.attack3
    "They'll make quite the mess."
  • EliseSpider.attack4
    "Simply delicious."
  • EliseSpider.attack5
    "Nothing but buzzing flies."
  • EliseSpider.attack6
    "The pain will be fleeting."


  • EliseSpider.joke1
    "Ha! It's all in the body language."
  • EliseSpider.joke2
    "Ha! Ladies wish they had legs like me."


  • EliseSpider.taunt1
    "The spider, I. And you, the fly."
  • EliseSpider.taunt2
    "Surprise! I do bite."


  • EliseSpider.laugh1
    Elise laughs.
  • EliseSpider.laugh2
    Elise laughs.
  • EliseSpider.laugh3
    Elise laughs.
  • EliseSpider.laugh4
    Elise laughs.

Twisted Treeline Altar Capture Responses

ProfileIcon WestAltar West Altar
  • WestAltar.Elise1
    "Your power is not worth the price, Elise."
  • WestAltar.Elise2
    "Your humanity traded away, and for what?"
East Altar
  • EastAltar.Elise1
    "Vilemaw The spider welcomes you, Elise!"
  • EastAltar.Elise2
    "We thank you for your gifts, Elise!"


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