• Elise currently holds the record for having the most pets deployed in the field (five Spider Queen.png Spiderlings)
    • She was the first champion to have a monologue during her login screen, the others being (in that order) Lissandra Lissandra, Lucian Lucian, and Yasuo Yasuo.
  • Elise's dance is the Can-can.
  • Elise's Spider Form.png Spider Form Recall.png recalling might be referencing Skulltula from The Legend of Zelda.
  • Elise is short for Elis/zabeth, the Greek rendition of Elisheva (Hebrew אֱלִישֶׁבַע: "God's promise / oath / abundance")
    • which in turn references her worship of Vilemaw Vilemaw.
    • Her house name Kythara comes from two Pre-Greek nouns: the stringed instrument κιθάρα cithara and the island Κύθηρα Cythera .
  • Elise was the base for Twisted Treeline's update, at whose center Vilemaw her god now resides.
  • Elise is the final incarnation of Priscilla Priscilla, a canceled champion brought back by playerbase request.




EliseSquare.png Classic Elise [S|L]
EliseSquare.png Death Blossom Elise [S|L]
EliseSquare.png Victorious Elise [S|L]
EliseSquare.png Blood Moon Elise [S|L]
EliseSquare.png SKT T1 Elise [S|L]