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Emotes are expressive images primarily used in League of Legends as cosmetic flares. League emotes typicaly present champions with popular expressed emotions. Some emotes are used in-game, while some on social media sites.

In-game Emotes

Regular Emotes

These emotes are purchased in the store.

Similar to Pings, emotes can be accessed via a pop-up radial that is triggered using a hotkey, and causes the Emote to flare-up similar to Champion Mastery.

Up to four emotes can be equipped at a time, which can be done via the Emotes tab in the Collection. An additional, Thumbs Up emote is unlocked by default and is always available at the center of the dial.

An additional two emotes can be equipped, one for start of the game and one for being victorious at the end of the game, which will be triggered automatically.[1]

Event Emotes

The following Event Emotes were released prior to the implementation of the Emote system (described above). These icons were tied to having specific Summoner icons equipped, their use was limited to the duration of the event in which they were introduced, and they replaced the Champion Mastery flare. Future Events may now use the above system.

Social Media Emotes

Facebook Emotes

These were released as chat emotes for Facebook, and as such are primarily used on that site

League of Legends Boards Emotes

These emotes were released for usage on the League of Legends Community Boards for the 2016 Harrowing event and are primarily used on that site.

LoL Boards Emotes