Energy is a resource used to fuel the basic abilities (ultimates are free of cost) of certain champions in place of mana. It is represented by a yellow bar instead of blue

Since energy regenerates much faster than mana, energy champions are not at the risk of depleting their resource over time. However, due to the maximum amount of energy being capped at 200 (or 400 for Shen Shen) with no growth per level, their ability combos can deplete energy in an important situation and leave them unable to cast spells for a few crucial seconds while their energy regenerates (unlike mana champions, whose mana pools increase, nullifying this problem as the game goes on). To aid this, they all have abilities that can refund a small amount of energy under particular conditions, if the actions are executed properly.

Unlike mana, the maximum energy of a champion cannot be increased with items. Maximum energy can be enhanced with certain runes, and energy regeneration can be increased with certain runes and the Crest of Insight.png Crest of Insight buff.


  • The base maximum for energy is set to 200. (400 for Shen Shen)
    • You can increase this value by up to 36 additional energy by having flat runes (Glyphs and Quitessences only), and 42.21 through scaling runes (Scaling Glyphs + Flat Quitessences).
  • The base energy regeneration is 10 energy regenerated every second (50 per 5s), effectively requiring 20 seconds to regenerate the entire energy pool.
    • In Dominion, the base energy regeneration is set to 12 per second (60 per 5s), effectively requiring 16,67 seconds to regenerate the entire energy pool.
    • You can regenerate up to 3.015 additional energy per second (15.075 per 5s) at level 18 by using energy regeneration runes.
    • The Crest of Insight.png Crest of Insight increases the energy regeneration by 0.5% of your maximum energy per second, plus 5 flat per second. With the 200 base energy, this means that the Crest of Insight.png Crest of Insight will restore 6 additional energy per second. With the 242 total energy from runes, the Crest of Insight.png blue buff will restore 6.21 additional energy per second.


All Ninjas in the game use energy. Lee Sin Lee Sin is the only non-ninja champion to use energy.

Ways to restore energy

A champion's energy can be restored in several ways:


Runes are the only way to increase energy regeneration besides the Crest of Insight.png Crest of Insight buff. Runes are also the only way to increase maximum energy. There are two different types of runes that affect energy:

  • Runes that increase maximum energy.
  • Runes that increase energy regeneration.

3 Greater Quintessences of Energy and 9 Greater Glyphs of Scaling Energy will grant the most possible maximum energy at level 18, giving 42.21 additional energy, while 3 Greater Quintessences of Energy Regeneration and 9 Greater Seals of Scaling Energy Regeneration will grant the most possible energy regeneration at level 18 (15.075 additional energy regenerated per 5 seconds).

Also note that energy runes are only available as Tier 3 runes, are quite expensive, and they currently only affect a small number of champions.

Type Tier 3 % of Highest Price
Energy glyph 3 Glyph 2.2 100% 820 IP
Energy quint 3 Quintessence 5.4 82% 1025 IP
Scaling Energy
Scaling Energy glyph 3 Glyph 0.161 per level
100% 820 IP
Energy Regeneration
Ep5 seal 3 Seal 0.63 100% 820 IP
Ep5 quint 3 Quintessence 1.575 83% 2050 IP
Scaling Energy Regeneration
Scaling Ep5 seal 3 Seal 0.064 per level
100% 820 IP

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