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Epik Gaming
Background Information
Region: North America
Former players Dan Dinh
MasteR of LoL
Nhat Nguyen
Created: August 2010
Disbanded: January 2013

Epik Gaming, also known as EPIK and Epik Gamer, was a competitive League of Legends Team. Originally it was named HawkShotGG with Dan Dinh, Salce, Araragi, MasteR of LoL, Grafic, Xcessiv, and Dyrus as its first members in 2010. Its name was quickly changed to EPIKGamer. Shortly after placing 2nd in the 2010 World Cyber Games NA Qualifiers in September, the team disbands.

In may of 2011 the team gets reformed with some changes to the team roster under the name EPIK. The original members - Dan Dinh, Salce and Dyrus - return to the team with the new members of Doublelift and Westrice.

Season One

In Season One their team earned 2nd place in the Season 1 NA Qualifiers and went to make it all the way to the Semi-Finals of the Championship, but were defeated by Team FnaticMSI, placing fourth.

After the Championship their roster continues to change. PureGoldenBoy replaces Doublelift in July, who later gets replaced by Nhat Nguyen in September. But before PrueGoldenBoy gets replaced the team earns 2nd at 2011's MLG Raleigh in August. Towards the end of 2011 EPIK also places 2nd in both the IGN ProLeague and the 2011 MLG Providence.

Season Two and the End of EPIK Gamer

In March 2012 two of the three remaining members that started the team back in 2010 leaves - Dyrus and Dan Dinh - leaving Salce left. Aphromoo and Unstoppable come in to take their place and wingsofdeathx replaces Westrice in April. Then in May Team Solomid acquires EPIK Gamer and the team becomes TSM, resulting with everyone leaving.

Seven months later in December EPIK Gamer reforms with the return of Dan Dinh, Westrice, Salce and PureGoldenBoy with the new member of cat8. Unfortunately the reformed team doesn't go far as the team EPIK Gamer disbands again in January 2013.

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