Champion experience is the way the champions level up periodically. This allows them access to new abilities or higher ranks of existing abilities. Also many base stats and some runes scale as your champion levels up.

Gaining experience

There are only five ways to gain experience. Experience isn't gained over time.

  • Killing a champion: Gives 50% of the experience required to reach the slain champion's next level (not current level). This is increased/lowered by 7% per level difference if the target is higher/lower level and can't be lower than 20%.
  • Assisting: The experience granted for killing, including this increase (see above), is divided equally if there were assistants.
  • Proximity to a minion death: Regardless of whether it was last hit or killed by another source.
  • Structures (except outer turret and nexus): Inhibitors and turrets grant XP, except outer, different ones grant different amounts.
  • Monsters: Different monsters give different amounts. If the killer is of a low level (not compared to the monster) it's upped by 50%. All XP goes to the killer.

Jungle camps

Increasing experience gain

Note that experience gain modifiers stack additively.

Champion abilities


Type Tier 3 % of Highest Price
Exp quint 3 Quintessence 2% 100% 2050 IP

Neutral buffs

  • Murder Bridge's Aura grants every champion passive experience gain.
  • Crystal Scar's Aura grants every champion passive experience gain while playing on the Dominion game mode (7.2 exp points per second).

Sharing experience

In addition, when more than 1 champion is sharing experience, 30.4% extra experience is split among all champions.[1]

  • Two champions each gain 65.2%
  • Three champions each gain 43.46%
  • Four champions each gain 32.6%
  • Five champions each gain 26.08%

Experience needed to level up

The Crystal Scar has its own experience requirements, which are not exactly but are close to 75% of the values on Summoner's Rift.

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