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Champion experience is the way the champions level up periodically. This allows them access to new abilities or higher ranks of existing abilities. Also many base stats and some runes scale as your champion levels up.

Gaining experience

There are various methods to get experience:

  • Kills: Killing an enemy champion rewards a player with an amount of experience determined by the level of the champion slain. Champion base kill experience is 50%. The experience gained is equal to 75% of the total experience required for a champion to go from the slain champion's current level to the next level up. In other words, if a level 7 champion is slain, the total experience gained is 75% of the total experience required for a champion to go from level 7 to level 8, or 705 (= 0.75 × 940) experience points. The experience reward will be increased if there is a positive level difference between champions (e.g. a level 5 champion killing a level 7 champion) and decreased if the level difference is negative.[1]
  • Assists: A champion is given an assist after damaging an enemy champion that is then killed within 10 seconds. A champion granted an assist will evenly split the total experience reward for killing the enemy champion with all other players that received an assist or landed the killing blow or are within 1600 range of the killing blow.
  • Minions: Killing minions in League of Legends grants an amount of experience upon their death. The experienced gained by the champion is determined by the type of minion. Experience from minion deaths is split between all champions within 1400 range.
  • Turrets: Whenever an enemy inner, inhibitor or turret is destroyed, all champions of the team are granted experience depending on the turret. No experience is granted for outer turrets.
  • Neutral monsters: Each type of neutral monster in League of Legends gives a different amount of experience upon death. Experience points from neutral monsters are split between every allied champion within an 400-unit range. Jungle monsters grant 50% bonus XP per level to lower-level champions, up to a cap.

Jungle camps

Increasing experience gain

Note that experience gain modifiers stack additively.

Champion abilities

  • A non-displayed passive that NidaleeSquare.png Nidalee possesses grants 5 experience points every 5 seconds to nearby allied champions that have a lower level than her. This is on a timer such that if a champion gets in range at the time the experience would be granted they do not need to be in her presence for the entire 5 seconds.
  • ZileanSquare.png Zilean's Heightened Learning.png Heightened Learning increases his and allies' experience gains by 8%. This bonus is inactive while he is dead. As of V4.19 it has a range of 1500.


  • Inspiration mastery s4.png Inspiration in the fourth tier of Utility tree grants 5 / 10 experience every ten seconds if you are close to an allied champion with a higher level. This is on a timer such that if the lower leveled champion gets in range of the higher leveled champion at the time the experience would be granted they do not need to be in the ally's presence for the entire 5 seconds.


  • Experience runes increases experience gains by 2% per rune.

Neutral buffs

  • Crystal Scar's Aura grants every champion passive experience gain while playing on the Dominion game mode. (7.2 exp points per second.)

Sharing experience

In addition, when more than 1 champion is sharing experience, 10% extra experience is split among all champions.[2]

  • Two champions each gain 55%
  • Three champions each gain 36.7%
  • Four champions each gain 27.5%
  • Five champions each gain 22%

Experience needed to level up

The following describes the amount of experience required to go from one level to the next on Summoner's Rift.

Minion waves calculations assumes a Summoner's Rift lane, no increased experience sources, no neutral monsters are slain and one champion is in 1600 range of every opposing minion death in said lane.

To reach level XP Cumulative XP Minion Waves
2 280 280 2
3 380 660 3
4 480 1140 4
5 580 1720 6
6 680 2400 9
7 780 3180 11
8 880 4060 14
9 980 5040 18
10 1080 6120 21
11 1180 7300 25
12 1280 8580 30
13 1380 9960 34
14 1480 11440 39
15 1580 13020 45
16 1680 14700 50
17 1780 16480 56
18 1880 18360 62

The following describes the amount of experience required to go from one level to the next on Twisted Treeline.

To reach level XP Cumulative XP
2 300 300
3 400 700
4 600 1300
5 575 1875
6 650 2525
7 725 3250
8 800 4050
9 875 4925
10 950 5875
11 1025 6900
12 1115 8015
13 1205 9220
14 1305 10525
15 1530 12055
16 1880 13935
17 2355 16290
18 2955 19245

The Crystal Scar has its own experience requirements, which are not exactly but are close to 75% of the values on Summoner's Rift.

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