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Upon Selection

  • Ezreal Select
    "Time for a true display of skill!"


  • Ezreal.attack1
    "It's all skill!"
  • Ezreal.attack2
    "I'll handle it!"
  • Ezreal.attack3
    "No problem!"
  • Ezreal.attack4
    "Time to strike!"
  • Ezreal.attack5
    "Sounds dangerous... I'm in!"
  • Ezreal.attack6
    "Time to get our hands dirty."


  • Ezreal.move1
    "Over here!"
  • Ezreal.move2
    "Let's go!"
  • Ezreal.move3
    "Know your environment."
  • Ezreal.move4
    "This way!"
  • Ezreal.move5
  • Ezreal.move6
    "Got it!"
  • Ezreal.move7
  • Ezreal.move8
    "No time to waste!"
  • Ezreal.move9
    "Who needs a map?!"


  • Ezreal.taunt
    "You belong in a museum!"


  • Ezreal.joke
    "Noxians... I hate those guys..."


  • Ezreal.laugh1
    Ezreal laughs.
  • Ezreal.laugh2
    Ezreal laughs.
  • Ezreal.laugh3
    Ezreal laughs.
  • Ezreal.laugh4
    Ezreal laughs.

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

EzrealSquare.png Arcade Ezreal [S|L]
  • EzrealArcade.recall01
    RPG styled music plays as Ezreal fights a dragon.

Upon Starting a Game

  • PulsefireEzreal.firstmove1
    PEARL: "Pulsefire systems online."
    • Ezreal: "Run a quick analysis for me."
      • PEARL: "All systems operational."
  • PulsefireEzreal.firstmove2
    Ezreal: "Hey PEARL, run a diagnostic."
    • PEARL: "All systems operational."
  • PulsefireEzreal.firstmove3
    PEARL: "Pulsefire systems online."
    • Ezreal: "Let's do this."


  • PulsefireEzreal.attack1
    "Target acquired."
  • PulsefireEzreal.attack2
    "They're living in the past."
  • PulsefireEzreal.attack3
    "Cannons primed."
  • PulsefireEzreal.attack4
    "Can't fight the inevitable."
  • PulsefireEzreal.attack5
    "They don't know what they're up against."
  • PulsefireEzreal.attack6
    "Scanning for real threats... none detected."
  • PulsefireEzreal.attack7
    "Their weapons are a little outdated."
  • PulsefireEzreal.attack8
    "Time's running out."
  • PulsefireEzreal.attack9
    "All charged up."
  • PulsefireEzreal.attack10
    "Weapons hot!"


  • PulsefireEzreal.move1
    "No turning back now."
  • PulsefireEzreal.move2
    "All systems charged."
  • PulsefireEzreal.move3
    "Sounds apocalyptic, I'm in."
  • PulsefireEzreal.move4
    "I'm centuries ahead of them."
  • PulsefireEzreal.move5
    "What is their position?"
  • PulsefireEzreal.move6
    "Give me the coordinates."
  • PulsefireEzreal.move7
    "Grim dark future huh? Too easy."
  • PulsefireEzreal.move8
    "I'll make my own future."
  • PulsefireEzreal.move9
    PEARL: "Ezreal, do you require a map?"
    • Ezreal: "No."


  • PulsefireEzreal.taunt
    Ezreal: "What's the scanner say about their power level?"
    • PEARL: "No enemies display a power level over 9000."
      • Ezreal: "Heh, I thought so."


Ezreal prepares to fire his weapon but it malfunctions and shoots him in the face.
  • PulsefireEzreal.joke1
    Ezreal: "Time for a true display of... "
    • PEARL: "Systems offline. Recharging."
      • Ezreal: "Ahhh just a sec... ehhh!"
  • PulsefireEzreal.joke2
    "There's no match for... "
    • PEARL: "Systems offline. Recharging."
      • Ezreal: "Hey. Wait. Don't... " (shoots) "Daah!... Not cool."


  • CyberEzreal.dance
    Ezreal plays a tune.


  • CyberEzreal.laugh1
    Ezreal laughs.
  • CyberEzreal.laugh2
    Ezreal laughs.
  • CyberEzreal.laugh4
    Ezreal laughs.

Upon Leveling Up

Level 6
  • PulsefireEzreal.levelup1
    PEARL: "Systems upgraded."
Level 11
  • PulsefireEzreal.levelup2
    PEARL: "Power nearing full capacity."
Level 16
  • PulsefireEzreal.levelup3
    PEARL: "Pulsefire cannon at maximum power."
  • PulsefireEzreal.levelup4
    PEARL: "Pulsefire armor upgrades complete."
  • PulsefireEzreal.levelup5
    PEARL: "All systems fully charged."

Upon Learning Mystic Shot.png Mystic Shot

  • PulsefireEzreal.Qlevelup
    PEARL: "Mystic Shot armed."

Upon Learning Essence Flux.png Essence Flux

  • PulsefireEzreal.Wlevelup
    PEARL: "Essence Flux primed."

Upon Learning Arcane Shift.png Arcane Shift

  • PulsefireEzreal.Elevelup
    PEARL: "Arcane Shift enabled."

Upon Learning Trueshot Barrage.png Trueshot Barrage

  • PulsefireEzreal.ultlevelup
    PEARL: "Trueshot Barrage charged."

Upon Respawning

  • PulsefireEzreal.revive1
    PEARL: "Pulsefire back online."
  • PulsefireEzreal.revive2
    PEARL: "Re-initiating pulsefire systems."
  • PulsefireEzreal.revive3
    PEARL: "Pulsefire systems re-activated."

Upon Using Teleport.png Teleport

  • PulsefireEzreal.teleport1
    PEARL: "Engage teleport."
  • PulsefireEzreal.teleport2
    PEARL: "Coordinates locked."
  • PulsefireEzreal.teleport3
    PEARL: "Drop point confirmed."
  • PulsefireEzreal.teleport4
    PEARL: "Transport initiated."
  • PulsefireEzreal.teleport5
    PEARL: "Teleporter activated."

Upon Using Recall.png Recall

  • PulsefireEzreal.recall1
    PEARL: "Leaving the grid."
  • PulsefireEzreal.recall2
    PEARL: "Withdrawing."
  • PulsefireEzreal.recall3
    PEARL: "Returning to base."
  • PulsefireEzreal.recall4
    PEARL: "Taking a break Ezreal?"
  • PulsefireEzreal.recall5
    PEARL: "Warp Mode activated!"
  • PulsefireEzreal.recall6
    PEARL: "Pulsefire Portal opened"

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "Ready for the best?"
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "I let you guys off easy!"


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