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  • Ezreal was the first to have a 'Champion Spotlight' on the Riot Games YouTube channel.
    • He is one of few to feature two of them due to significant gameplay changes (the others being Lee SinSquare Lee Sin, KarmaSquare Karma, KatarinaSquare Katarina, and SivirSquare Sivir)
      • He was also the first IP icon 6300 champion released after the game's official launch on 27-Oct-2009.
  • His dance references 'Hare Hare Yukai' from Haruhi Suzumiya.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • He was named after Colt 'Ezreal' Hallam and presumed to be seventeen years old.
    • His name is based on Hebrew עזריאל ʕAzri'el "My Help [is] God", from Semitic root ʕ-ð-r "help" [1], & theonym ʔEl (shared with EliseSquare Elise)


  • Initial concepted shows a champion wearing armor. This champion was later reshaped into EzrealSquare Ezreal and TaricSquare Taric.


EzrealSquare Classic Ezreal [S|L]
  • "You belong in a museum!" and "Noxians... I hate those guys... " reference Indiana Jones ("This belongs in a museum. - So do you." ; "Nazis... I hate these guys... ").
  • "It's all skill" might be referencing Mystic Shot Mystic Shot, Essence Flux Essence Flux, and Trueshot Barrage Trueshot Barrage being skillshots.
  • His taunt (flipping a coin and shooting at it) references Western movies.
  • While on the PBE his joke was "My age exceeds your IQ... significantly" and his taunt "Just the thought of killing you is likely to cause it".
EzrealSquare Pulsefire Ezreal [S|L]
  • His suit's AI (named PEARL) is voiced by Christine Brynn Khalil.
  • His taunt references It's Over 9000! from Dragon Ball Z.
  • "Grim dark future huh? Too easy" references Warhammer 40K ("In the grim darkness of a far future, there is only war").
  • Recall "Leaving the grid" references Tron.
  • "Now this is Research." references Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace ("Now this is Podracing.").
  • "Museum? This belongs in my pocket." references EzrealSquare Classic Ezreal [S|L] ("You belong in a museum!").
    • When an enemy EzrealSquare Classic Ezreal [S|L] taunts him with this quote, he answers back with: "No, you belong in a Museum."
  • "Back to the Future with you.", "Back to the Future.", and "Where the hoverboards?" reference Back to the Future.
  • "There can be only one." references The One.
  • "Paradoxes, I hate those guys." references EzrealSquare Classic Ezreal [S|L] ("Noxians, I hate those guys.").
  • "It seems the cake is in another timeline." references Portal.
  • "If I'm not back in 30 seconds, wait longer." references Ace Ventura ("If I'm not back in five minutes… just wait longer.").
  • "You lost today, Kid!" and "Time for a little Fortune and Glory" reference Indiana Jones ("You lost today, Kid, but that doesn't mean you have to like it" ; "Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.").
  • "Never tell me the odds!" references the same quote by Han Solo in Star Wars.
  • In the Brazilian localization, "I have all the time I need." was translated as Ezreal singing "Tenho todo o tempo do mundo." ("I have all the time in the world"), in reference to a very famous Brazilian song by Legião Urbana.
    • The line can be heard here and the line in the song can be heard here.


EzrealSquare Nottingham Ezreal [S|L]
EzrealSquare Striker Ezreal [S|L]
EzrealSquare Frosted Ezreal [S|L]
EzrealSquare Explorer Ezreal [S|L]
EzrealSquare Pulsefire Ezreal [S|L]
  • In French localization he is called 'Méga Ezreal' referencing Mega Man.
  • He has the first voice-over featuring two personalities: himself and PEARL (his suit's AI)
  • He is the first skin to be able to transform when leveling up.
  • He was the first priced at RP icon 3250
    • For the first four post-release days he was 50% off (RP icon 1625)
  • He is the first to have custom last hit and minion death animations.
  • When Recall recalling he will grab the Heart of Gold item Heart of Gold before entering a portal underneath him.
    • His old recall was a reference to Tron.
  • He shares this theme with CaitlynSquare Pulsefire Caitlyn [S|L].
EzrealSquare TPA Ezreal [S|L]
EzrealSquare Debonair Ezreal [S|L]
EzrealSquare Ace of Spades Ezreal [S|L]
EzrealSquare Arcade Ezreal [S|L]
EzrealSquare Star Guardian Ezreal [S|L]


  • Ezreal is Lyte's (the hermit professor stationed in the Howling Abyss) nephew.
    • Ezreal and LuxSquare Lux are suspected to be in a relationship (Lyte: "Is it true what I've heard about EzrealSquare you and LuxSquare Miss Crownguard... hmm?")
  • ZoeSquare Zoe has a huge crush on him.
    • According to ZoeSquare Zoe, Ezreal likes LuxSquare Lux.
  • Ezreal is friends with JayceSquare Jayce (he helped him get access to the Piltover Academy's Library's restricted areas when researching AatroxSquare a figure from artifacts) ViSquare Vi and CaitlynSquare Caitlyn.
  • Ezreal and Twisted FateSquare Twisted Fate play cards from time to time.
    • The Prodigal Explorer rarely wins.
  • Ezreal is seen as a poser by EkkoSquare Ekko.
  • Ezreal hates Noxians for unspecified reasons.


  1. J. Sanmartín, Glossary of Old Syrian, p. 204