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Fervor of Battle is a tier 6 Ferocity Keystone mastery.[1]


Patch History

  • Bug Fix: Damaging trap abilities now properly grant a stack of Fervor of Battle when procced by an enemy.
  • Stack per ability cast reduced to 1 from 2.
  • Damage per stack changed to 0.90 - 13.99 (based on level) from 1 - 8 (based on level).
  • Max. stacks reduced to 8 from 10
    • Max. damage changed to 7.2 - 111.92 (based on level) from 10 - 80 (based on level).
  • Removed: Generating stacks versus non-champions.
  • New Effect: Stacks from ability damage now has a 2 second cooldown.
  • New Effect: Melee attacks and ability damage now generate 2 stacks (up from 1).
  • Stack time-out period increased to 6 seconds from 5.
V5.22 Added
  • Tier 6 Ferocity Keystone mastery with 1 rank.
    • Your basic attacks and spells grant you a stack of Fervor for 5 seconds, stacking up to 10 times. Each stack adds 1.000 - 8.004 (based on level). bonus physical damage to your attacks versus champions.


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