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  • Even though Fiddlesticks is said to use a scythe he uses a sickle in-game.
  • In his updated lore, Fiddlesticks was an innocent human whose soul was bound into his scarecrow-like remains after his wrongful death;



FiddlesticksSquare Classic Fiddlesticks [S|L]
  • He might be referencing 'The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight' from Goosebumps by R. L. Stine.
  • He made a cameo in Fright Night.
  • In his updated Splash Art, the key that was hanging around his neck is missing. On Ask Riot of November 7th 2017, Riot Games revealed us the fact that Zoe actually "borrowed" his key in one of her visits in Runeterra. It can now be seen hanging off Zoe's belt in her Splash Art.
FiddlesticksSquare Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks [S|L]
FiddlesticksSquare Union Jack Fiddlesticks [S|L]
FiddlesticksSquare Fiddle Me Timbers [S|L]
FiddlesticksSquare Surprise Party Fiddlesticks [S|L]
FiddlesticksSquare Risen Fiddlesticks [S|L]