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  • Even though Fiddlesticks is said to use a scythe he uses a sickle in-game.
  • In his old lore, the key around Fiddlesticks' neck was owned by a Zaun Crest icon Zaunite Summoner named Istvaan, who performed some perverse ritual that caused him to manifest Fiddlesticks. The key unlocked the door to Istvaan's summoning tower, which he spent quite a lot of time in seclusion inside.
  • In his updated lore, Fiddlesticks was an innocent human whose soul was bound into his scarecrow-like remains after his wrongful death;



Fiddlesticks OriginalCircle Classic Fiddlesticks [S|L]
Fiddlesticks UnionJackCircle Union Jack Fiddlesticks [S|L]
Fiddlesticks SpectralCircle Spectral Fiddlesticks [S|L]
Fiddlesticks BanditoCircle Bandito Fiddlesticks [S|L]
Fiddlesticks PumpkinheadCircle Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks [S|L]
Fiddlesticks FiddleMeTimbersCircle Fiddle Me Timbers [S|L]
Fiddlesticks SurprisePartyCircle Surprise Party Fiddlesticks [S|L]
Fiddlesticks DarkCandyCircle Dark Candy Fiddlesticks [S|L]
Fiddlesticks RisenCircle Risen Fiddlesticks [S|L]