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  • If Chum the Waters.png Chum the Waters deals the killing blow to a champion with a small model size (like Annie Annie or a Yordle) their corpse is eaten and not visible on the map.
    • It doesn't work on Teemo Teemo for some reason.
  • Fizz's Seastone Trident.png Seastone Trident is seen alongside other champion weapons in the game's Mac Version trailer.



  • Fizz is not a Yordle but his race might be distantly related.[4][5]
    • Tahm Kench Tahm Kench being rivals with Fizz (and every Yordle but Veigar Veigar) supports this.
      • The River King offering Fizz to 'travel to your people's destination' implies he was the one responsible for their disappearance.


FizzSquare.png Classic Fizz [S|L]
FizzSquare.png Atlantean Fizz [S|L]
FizzSquare.png Tundra Fizz [S|L]
  • His outfit references Inuits.
FizzSquare.png Fisherman Fizz [S|L]
FizzSquare.png Void Fizz [S|L]
FizzSquare.png Cottontail Fizz [S|L]
FizzSquare.png Super Galaxy Fizz [S|L]


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