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Champion Select

  • Play "Time to make an impact!"
  • Play "Back to sleep then... "

First Move

  • Play "You know thats hard about fighting? Nothing! Come on, I'm made of Stone"
  • Play "I've got a high tolerance for Magic, Takes a lot for me to feel it"
  • Play "As a symbol of this Great nation, I say... Let's go mess up some mages!"
  • Play "Know any Battles? Just looking to get my wing dirty"
  • Play "People are funny, They pass beneath me doing the same thing day after day"
  • Play "I'd like to apologize in advance for ruining this place"
  • Play "Let someone else be a statue, I got stuff to do"
  • Play "I don't wake up til its time to squash something and I'm awake right now"


  • Galio.attack1
    "You're going to need some mending"
  • Galio.attack2
    "Sooo what do you people do when you're not fighting?"
  • Galio.attack3
    "Bring it"
  • Galio.attack4
    "Wanna go?"
  • Galio.attack5
    "So many things to SQUASH!"
  • Galio.attack6
    "Not a fair fight"
  • Play "Go time!"
  • Play "Smash"
  • Play "Fight me small warrior person!"
  • Play "Good thing I don't bleed"
  • Play "Magic goes in, might comes out"
  • Play "Crunch!"
  • Play "Haha, people break"
  • Play "I, EAT, MAGIC!"
  • Play "We don't have to fight, LET'S DO THOUGH!"
  • Play "Honor"
  • Play "Justice"
  • Play "Stone cold"
  • Play "Punching time!"
  • Play "Hahaha, this never gets old"
  • Play "To battle!"
  • Play "Yes!"
  • Play "It's punch o'clock!"
  • Play "Boom!"
Attacking Baron Nashor Baron Nashor
  • Play "Greetings fellow large thing, let's fight!"
  • Play "Now this will be a fight for the ages"
Attacking Blue Sentinel Blue Sentinel
  • Play "Heh, stone on stone!"
  • Play "You're a sentinel? I'm a sentinel! We should fight!"
  • Play "It's like a weaker version of me"
  • Play "Let us make violence fellow rock man!"
Attacking Dragon Dragon
  • Play "My wings versus yours. Let's go!"
  • Play "Hello beautiful, what are you doing here?"
Attacking a Tower
  • Play "Well hello there handsome"
  • Play "At last, a worthy oponent"
  • Play "Well met giant zapping man"
  • Play "I got the big guy!"
  • Play "There is only room for one of us"
  • Play "What are you looking at?"

Upon killing an enemy champion

Upon killing a Demacian Champion
  • Play "Oops! Friendly fire"
Upon going on a Killing Spree
  • Play "Squish, squish, squish!"
  • Play "Ooh, that was glorious"
  • Play "Who's still standing?"
  • Play "Hahahaha, did we win yet?"


  • Play "Ahh, feels good to stretch my wings"
  • Play "I didn't choose to come to life, but I definitely prefer it"
  • Play "I've seen much, not sure I understand it but, it happened"
  • Play "Hahaha, majestic! Is that what I'm supposed to be"
  • Play "I might be made out of stone, but that doesn't mean my heart is"
  • Play "I wish mountains had fists, that would be a good fight"
  • Play "Hmm, must be some powerful magic around here"
  • Play "Somehow I always end up in the center of everything"
  • Play "The guy that made me, he was pretty good right?"
  • Play "Tragedy is worse when you can do nothing about it"
  • Play "I wish they'd chisel me a friend, some who don't break!"
  • Play "I know, it's completly unfair. I didn't ask to be this impressive"
  • Play "I always wonder what lays beyond this land, something to fight I hope"
  • Play "I am not going back on the pedestal, not yet..."
  • Play "They made me to stop magic, and yet I hate when it's gone"
  • Play "I sleep, I wake, I break things"
  • Play "Whoa, I didn't know I had a tail!"
  • Play "Do I get to crush that? Please say yes"
  • Play "I don't know why life chose me, but I'm glad it did"
  • Play "I'm supposed to be a symbol, of what? I'm not so sure"
  • Play "It's hard to be a symbol, when you got a soul"
  • Play "Let's move! I got people to inspire!"
  • Play "It's not easy when everyone looks up to you"
  • Play "Can someone PLEASE get the pigeons out of my head?"
  • Play "Oh mages, I love the way they squish"
  • Play "I don't break easy"
  • Play "I fought a house once. I'm pretty sure I won"
  • Play "People vanish! And new ones take their places! It must be magic"
  • Play "The best defense is me"
  • Play "The best defense is a good magic absorbing colossus"
  • Play "I love walking, it sounds like thunder!"
  • Play "Ah the world, it goes by in a flash"
  • Play "It's time to move! Shake off the moss"
  • Play "I'm going, you try moving 300 tons"
  • Play "They just don't make doorways big enough"
  • Play "Going to sleep means saying goodbye"
  • Play "Which way is the fun?"
  • Play "What should I break next?"
  • Play "They say I'm all made of petricide, I say I'm all guts!"
  • Play "I fell in love with a crag-beast once, oh, wasn't meant to be"
  • Play "I haven't been to many places, so I may aswell like this one"
  • Play "Let ME do the heavy lifting"
  • Play "Get behind me huddled masses"
  • Play "People live such tiny lives!"
  • Play "I'm a big man, with big needs"
  • Play "One people year is fifty Galio-years"
  • Play "I love Demacia! It's the only place I've been"
  • Play "Excuse me, but, which kingdom are we on now?"
  • Play "At last a change of scenary!"
  • Play "Apparently I'm some sort of big deal"
  • Play "Who wants to get protected?"

Upon dying

  • Play "I... grumble"
  • Play "Mend... me"
  • Play "I am cracked..."


  • Play "My middlename is Justice, Galio Justice Justice"
  • Play "I came to chew bubblegum and kick butt, and I'm all out of butt"


Taunting an Enemy Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol
  • Play "You are from space HUH? I'd fight space, Bring it on!"
  • Play "I've always wanted to fight the sun, Lets go space man!

Upon Buying an Item

  • Play "Hehehe, I like buying person things"
  • Play "Hmm... doesn't come with instructions"
  • Play "I don't know what this is, I bet it's great though!"
  • Play "That builds INTO something"
Upon Buying Ruby Crystal item.png Ruby Crystal
  • Play "Haha! Tiny"
  • Play "Hmm... looks red"
  • Play "To plug my cracks"
Upon Buying Cloth Armor item.png Cloth Armor
  • Play "Can I exchange this for a size 7000?"
  • Play "Hmm... It doesn't fit, guess I'll just hold it"
  • Play "Armour, kinda makes you feel like you're made of stone"
  • Play "Cloth will protect my rock hard skin!"
Upon Buying Amplifying Tome item.png Amplifying Tome
  • Play "Eh, never been much of a reader"
  • Play "Smashing power amplified!"
  • Play "A book! Oh, just need someone to turn the pages for me"
  • Play "A paginated collection of words!"
Upon Buying Glacial Shroud item.png Glacial Shroud
  • Play "Glacial, oh, that sounds big"
  • Play "From the frozen loom! Whatever that is"
  • Play "Protect me tiny ice shield!"
Upon Buying Iceborn Gauntlet item.png Iceborn Gauntlet
  • Play "Haha, ice fist!"
  • Play "So cold, yet it makes me feel all warm inside"
  • Play "Unleash your power magic frozen fist!"
  • Play "Punchy spikes!"
Upon Buying Rod of Ages item.png Rod of Ages
  • Play "Make me stronger purple zapping stick!"
  • Play "Rod of Ages? Uhm, sounds old"
  • Play "This is perfect! I too am very old"
  • Play "I'll use it as a toothpick!"
Upon Buying Hextech Protobelt-01 item.png Hextech Protobelt-01
  • Play "Might need to loosen that a few hundred notches"
  • Play "Belt's a...little tight"
  • Play "Looks dangerous, let's fire it up!"
  • Play "I know, I'll wear it as a ring!"

Near Nexus

  • Play "Greetings giant glowing mineral, I must break you"
  • Play "Uuuh, a giant crystal? I'll fight it"

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "An honor to face you!"
Player Team Victory
  • "Your success is well deserved."
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"


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