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Upon Selection

  • Galio Select
    "A guardian is always prepared."


  • Galio.attack1
    "Assault from above!"
  • Galio.attack2
    "The will of Demacia."
  • Galio.attack3
    "Preemptive strike."
  • Galio.attack4
    "With great force."
  • Galio.attack5
    "Justice will be done."
  • Galio.attack6
    "So be it."


  • Galio.move1
    "In flight."
  • Galio.move2
    "An honor to serve."
  • Galio.move3
    "I will protect.."
  • Galio.move4
    "On the approach."
  • Galio.move5
    "Moving out."
  • Galio.move6
    "Remain alert."
  • Galio.move7
    "By your command."
  • Galio.move8
    "Without fear."
  • Galio.move9
    "I will not fail."


  • Galio.taunt
    "You should come back with more bad guys."


  • Galio.joke
    "Two birds with one stone? Have you met my parents?"


  • Galio.laugh1
    Galio laughs.
  • Galio.laugh2
    Galio laughs.
  • Galio.laugh3
    Galio laughs.
  • Galio.laugh4
    Galio laughs.


  • GatekeeperGalio.attack1
    "Their time has come!"
  • GatekeeperGalio.attack2
    "The gate beckons."
  • GatekeeperGalio.attack3
    "Inevitable demise."
  • GatekeeperGalio.attack4
    "Death is no release."
  • GatekeeperGalio.attack5
    "Join the hereafter."
  • GatekeeperGalio.attack6
    "No escape."


  • GatekeeperGalio.move1
    "Fear my gaze."
  • GatekeeperGalio.move2
    "Eternal sleep... not quite."
  • GatekeeperGalio.move3
    "All have their place."
  • GatekeeperGalio.move4
    "Oblivion? No."
  • GatekeeperGalio.move5
    "To seal the beyond."
  • GatekeeperGalio.move6
    "Restless souls stir."
  • GatekeeperGalio.move7
    "I serve between worlds."
  • GatekeeperGalio.move8
    "A fateful journey."
  • GatekeeperGalio.move9
    "Do not trust the dead."


  • GatekeeperGalio.taunt1
    "I guard between life and death. Killing me only sends me home."
  • GatekeeperGalio.taunt2
    "If you kill me who will mind the gate? Will it be you?"
  • GatekeeperGalio.taunt3
    "I prepare for what waits beyond. Shall I show you?"


  • GatekeeperGalio.joke1
    "Dead men tell no tales? I wish... they're never quiet."
  • GatekeeperGalio.joke2
    "I always let door to door merchants in. I just don't let them out."
  • GatekeeperGalio.joke3
    "Knock knock. Who's there? An endless legion of souls!"


  • GatekeeperGalio.laugh1
    Galio laughs.
  • GatekeeperGalio.laugh2
    Galio laughs.
  • GatekeeperGalio.laugh3
    Galio laughs.
  • GatekeeperGalio.laugh4
    Galio laughs.

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "An honor to face you!"
Player Team Victory
  • "Your success is well deserved."
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"


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