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GalioSquare.png Classic Galio [S|L]
  • A Demacian city can be seen in the background.
GalioSquare.png Enchanted Galio [S|L]
GalioSquare.png Hextech Galio [S|L]
GalioSquare.png Commando Galio [S|L]
GalioSquare.png Gatekeeper Galio [S|L]
GalioSquare.png Debonair Galio [S|L]


  • It is uncertain how long ago Durand created Galio.
    • Considering he and Poppy Poppy know each other, he is at most as old/older as/than the Kingdom of Demacia ever since its founding by Hammer Shock.png Orlon himself.
      • And given he and Sion Sion fought each other many times back when the Undead Juggernaut was alive, Galio (and by extension Durand) is at least a contemporary or Jarvan I's.


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