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  • Galio's dance references Beauty and the Beast by Walt Disney.
  • His previous alias, "The Sentinel's Sorrow", was replaced by "The Colossus" after his Champion Update.
    • He references his previous alias while attacking a Blue SentinelSquare Blue Sentinel: "You're a sentinel? I'm a sentinel! We should fight!"
      • In this case however, this interaction has literal implications: Galio being a textbook-definition sentinel for Demacia, and Galio perhaps sharing similar origins with the Blue Sentinel, both being rock/mineral beings empowered/given life by magic.
  • Galio is seemingly short for Galileo, after the Renaissance Pisan polymath.
    • The name means "man of Galilee", ultimately from Semitic root g-l "to roll"[1].


Galio OriginalCircle Classic Galio [S|L]
  • A Demacian city known as High Silvermere can be seen in the background.
Galio EnchantedCircle Enchanted Galio [S|L]
Galio HextechCircle Hextech Galio [S|L]
Galio CommandoCircle Commando Galio [S|L]
Galio GatekeeperCircle Gatekeeper Galio [S|L]
Galio DebonairCircle Debonair Galio [S|L]
Galio BirdioCircle Birdio [S|L]


  • "I came to chew bubblegun and kick butt, and I'm all out of butt." is a reference to the 1988 film They Live in which the main character, enters a bank with a pump-action shotgun and says "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubblegum."
    • It is also a reference Duke Nukem with the quote "It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum."
  • The quote "From the frozen loom!" upon buying Glacial Shroud is a reference to the famous quote "For the Frozen Throne!" spoken by numerous characters in WarCraft III.


  • It is uncertain how long ago Durand created Galio.
    • Considering he and PoppySquare Poppy know each other, he is at most as old/older as/than the Kingdom of Demacia ever since its founding by Hammer Shock Orlon himself.
      • And given he and SionSquare Sion fought each other many times back when the Undead Juggernaut was alive, Galio (and by extension Durand) is at least a contemporary or Jarvan I's.
  • GalioSquare Galio sees LuxSquare Lux as the only mage he likes, and has become a sort of Guardian to her.


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