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  • Classic Gangplank Skingallerybutton
  • Spooky Gangplank Skingallerybutton
    520 RP / 16-Mar-2010
  • Minuteman Gangplank Skingallerybutton
    520 RP / 04-Jul-2010
  • Sailor Gangplank Skingallerybutton
    750 RP (Legacy Skin, No Longer Available) / 10-Jan-2011
  • Toy Soldier Gangplank Skingallerybutton
    975 RP (Available during Snowdown 2013) / 14-Dec-2011
  • Special Forces Gangplank Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 13-Sep-2012
  • Sultan Gangplank Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 13-Nov-2013
  • Captain Gangplank Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 10-Aug-2015

  • Classic Skin
  • Spooky Gangplank
  • Minuteman Gangplank


  • Gangplank was designed by Fantasyworld, who has since left Riot.
  • Ganglank is voiced by Matthew Mercer.
  • He is the first champion to get two Visual Updates.
    • He is also the first champion to have had four classic skins, due to his Visual as well as Lore Update.
  • A "gangplank" is a board used as a temporary footbridge between a ship and a dockside.
  • After the events of Act 3 of the Burning Tides, he was temporarily disabled in-game, due to his supposed death. However this was also done in order to prepare his second release after the events of The Epilogue of the Burning Tides and to fix major issues with his kit concerning his Cannon Barrage.png Cannon Barrage upgrades where in some matches players could not upgrade his ultimates abilities.
  • His lore might be referred to the Dragon Highlord Duulket Ariakas from the Dragonlance Chronicles.
    • Both had fathers that are unforgiving towards their son, both stabbed their fathers in the back then claimed their prized possession and both their fathers were "never prouder than the day he was stabbed in the back".
  • In Act 3 of Burning Tides, it has been revealed that Gangplanks old ship cannon is named Death’s Daughter.
  • It is theorized that he now sails on the Leviathan, Swain's stolen war galleon. It would make sense considering his ship, the Dead Pool, was destroyed in Act 3 of Burning Tides. It would also explain where the cannon barrage comes from.
  • When Gangplank triggers a critical hit, he will use his pistol for the auto-attack instead of his sword.
    • As of Patch V5.14, (which included Gangplank Gangplank's Visual Update) Gangplank no longer uses his pistol for critical strikes.
  • Gangplank's skill Parrrley.png Parrrley is spelled with 3 r's (Parrrley), a reference to popular conception of pirates speech.
    • Ironically, the term parley is used to describe a diplomatic discussion between enemies in regards to forming an agreement or truce. "Parley" is also a running gag in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.
  • Gangplank's "Yarr! I'm a mighty pirate!" buff may be a reference to Guybrush Threepwood's catch phrase from the Monkey Island series.
  • The Pirate and Ninja buffs are corresponding references to the "Pirates vs. Ninjas" debate.
  • Gangplank was the only champion in League of Legend capable of denying, an act of killing a friendly minion to rob enemies of last-hit gold bonuses and experience, through Raise Morale.png Raise Morale. The ability to deny allied minions was removed in v1.0.0.116.
  • NA user SantiagoBR gave birth to the "But I ate some oranges and it was k" meme.
  • His appearance is similar to Redden Alt Mer, an airship captain/mercenary from the books "The voyage of the Jerle Shannara" By Terry Brooks. Miss Fortune may also be based off his sister Rue Meridian who is visually the same and "is capable of charming any man".
  • During patch 5.14, Gangplank Gangplank became the first champion to voice as the announcer for Summoner's Rift, The Crystal Scar, ARAM, and The Twisted Treeline.

GangplankSquare.png Classic Gangplank

  • Gangplank's old quote: "Yohoho, and a bottle of rum!" comes directly from the book The Treasure Island.
  • Gankplank's select quote "They can pay in gold, or blood." is similar to Sivir's select quote "I always take my toll, blood or gold."

GangplankSquare.png Captain Gangplank

  • His quote towards MissFortuneSquare.png Miss Fortune: "Prepare to be boarded.", was Gangplank's old classic champion select quote.
  • His quote: "What shall we do with a drunken sailor?", is a direct reference to the sea shanty, Drunken Sailor.
GangplankSquare.png Classic Gangplank [S|L]
  • His pauldron is the Dead Man&#039;s Plate item.png Dead Man's Plate, fitted on him after his supposed "death" at the hands of MissFortuneSquare.png Miss Fortune in Act 3 of Burning Tides.
  • His updated Classic Skin may be a reference to Long John Silver, the cyborg, from Treasure Planet.
  • In this skin he appears chubbier and more out of shape as opposed to the other skins in which he appears well built and muscular.
GangplankSquare.png Spooky Gangplank [S|L]
GangplankSquare.png Sailor Gangplank [S|L]
  • Although Sailor Gangplank appeared in the store on October 5, 2010, the skin was not officially released until January 10, 2011.
GangplankSquare.png Minuteman Gangplank [S|L]
GangplankSquare.png Special Forces Gangplank [S|L]
  • It may be a possible reference to the movies Expendables 1 & 2.
  • This skin is a possible reference to Che Guevara.
  • It is a commemorative skin created to celebrate the launch of League of Legend's Brazilian servers.
  • Before its release, he used to eat pineapples and bananas instead of oranges.
  • Special Forces Gangplank seems to be heavily inspired by the Brazilian film Elite Squad.
    • In the Brazilian version, Gangplank's quotes are similar to the ones used by Captain Nascimento and other characters from this movie.
  • His appearance is also noted to be similar to Captain Price of the Modern Warfare games of the Call of Duty franchise.
  • In the background of the Special Forces Gangplank Skin, one can see MissFortuneSquare.png Miss Fortune and possibly CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn and TalonSquare.png Talon.
  • While other skins depict the Bearded Lady while he uses his ultimate, Cannon Barrage.png Cannon Barrage, this skin is the only one that depicts a Sea Serpent. When he uses his ultimate, a shadow of a helicopter can be seen in the circle where his ultimate is used.
  • When he recalls in this skin, a ladder is let down from a helicopter, that he holds onto and flies away.
GangplankSquare.png Sultan Gangplank [S|L]
  • It was released to celebrate Turkish Server's 1st anniversary.
  • Sultan Gangplank is a reference to Hayreddin Barbarossa "Redbeard", a famous Ottoman Admiral and ex-Pirate. This is strongly held by the fact that in this skin Gangplank has an extremely red beard and is a kufar in nature.
  • It is possibly a reference to the Turkish Captain: Ali Madad of the ATR 72 MPA in the modern day Turkish fleet who is of the rank: Kufar and shares a highly similar pigtailed beard and wears a feathered turban on many occasions.
  • In Turkish client it has a unique voiceover by actor Zafer Algöz.
  • He shares this theme with TryndamereSquare.png Tryndamere.
GangplankSquare.png Captain Gangplank [S|L]
  • This skin represents Gangplank's appearance before the events of Act 3 of the Burning Tides.
    • It was also his initial Default skin, before patch V5.15.
  • This skin was given to all players for free who had Gangplank before the Burning Tides event and those who bought him and played at least one match until the event ended 10th August, 2015.
    • His voice-over is slightly different from his classic skin, mainly due to it representing him as he was before the events of Burning Tides.
  • He shares this theme with MissFortuneSquare.png Miss Fortune.


  • The Jagged Hooks gang swear undying allegiance to Gangplank.
  • SwainSquare.png Swain wants Gangplank dead for stealing his personal warship, the Leviathan.
  • He may also have angered ZedSquare.png Zed's Order of Shadow after ransacking their Temple of the Jagged Knife.
  • MissFortuneSquare.png Miss Fortune has a strong distrust for pirates, specially Gangplank who she desired to overthrow and rule over in Bilgewater.
    • MissFortuneSquare.png Miss Fortune defeated Gangplank in the Bilgewater GrugMug Grog Slog competition.
    • Despite their rivalry, Gangplank and MissFortuneSquare.png Miss Fortune struck a truce to fight off the Black Mist one year ago, at "The Battle of Knife Straits", right on the shores of the  Blue Flame Island. They were apparently successful in driving the threat from the Shadow Isles back, but there were heavy casualties and the fleet was ultimately scattered.
      • Simultaneously, NautilusSquare.png Nautilus managed to stall or defeat the rest of the undead threat, more to the south.
    • Gangplank was the man who personally killed Miss Fortunes parents. This act made Sarah sworn an oath that she will repay him in kind.
      • After the events of Burning Tides, Miss Fortunes plan of overthrowing and killing Gangplank was somewhat successful. Because of the power vacuum his supposed death caused, Miss Fortune is ready to take charge of Bilgewater for herself and punish all who willingly served under Gangplank.
  • Gangplank used to be together with IllaoiSquare.png Illaoi, however she left him. After his supposed death, Illaoi didn't hold a grudge against her supposed killer, Miss Fortune, or seemed sad at all.


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Gangplank League Of Legends Login Screen With Music02:41

Gangplank League Of Legends Login Screen With Music

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